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3DCarrier in Sketchup

kevinskikevinski0 Posts: 0Member
edited April 2010 in Work in Progress #1

i started working with Sketchup about six month ago, and now i want to show my first real Ship^^
(sorry for mistakes in English, im from Germany:))

ItA’s supposed to be a big Carrier(about 2100 m long)
with a mixed weaponry(railguns, torpedos usw...)

PS. please comment and post ideas if you have some
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  • NevetsNevets173 EarthPosts: 97Member
    Nice design.

    Where do the planes take-off and land?
  • kevinskikevinski0 Posts: 0Member
    on the second and 4. picture you can see implied on the inside of the arms(supposed to be the hangarbaydoors)

    but they are not final. Acctually i donA’t know any other place on the ship where the fighters and shuttleA’s could start
  • liam887liam887236 ViperPosts: 564Member
    good start, those blue faces are reversed faces by the way you can get rid of them by selecting them, right clicking on them and select reverse face, it will come in handy latr when you come to apply textures or shaders.
  • omnipotentomnipotent0 Posts: 0Member
    looks original but it doesnt really float my boat. and it is very basic and blocky.
  • sojournersojourner0 Posts: 0Member
    I like the shape. One question, one comment.
    1) What setting is this? Star Wars? Startrek? your own?
    2) The location of your hanger doors are problematic. The fighters would have to fly between the big to arms and also have to watchout for fighters entering/exiting the arm behind them. Move the doors to the outside edge of the arms instead of the inside edge.
  • liam887liam887236 ViperPosts: 564Member
    fractals new imperial carrier uses the same arrangement for hangers im sure they dont just fly out blind and are co-ordinated by some sort of ATC system.
  • sojournersojourner0 Posts: 0Member
    liam887 wrote: »
    fractals new imperial carrier uses the same arrangement for hangers im sure they dont just fly out blind and are co-ordinated by some sort of ATC system.

    Hehe, Two wrongs don't make a right. Why would you arrange hangers so fighters are flying at each other leaving them? Not very efficient. It means you have to slow down operations of the opposing hangers in order to coordinate safe operations.

    If you place your hangers so they are facing away from each other they can operate at full capacity without worry of what is happening in the other hanger.
  • liam887liam887236 ViperPosts: 564Member
    the fighters can turn when they come out, this isn't atmosphere the fighters can turn on the spot its not really a big problem at least with the hangers on this inside they are not exposed and are more protected.
  • BerkutBerkut0 Posts: 0Member
    good start

    sojourner is right though, the hangar arrangement isn't too good. The fighters wouldn't be able to use full acceleration right away. They'd have to come out, fire engines in the opposite direction to stop, and then accelerate again. But this way they are a bit more protected as they come out I guess. It also depends if inertia is of any importance in this universe :)
  • kevinskikevinski0 Posts: 0Member

    ok at the moment it is my own Universe but it uses a FTL engine that looks like the engine from the Destiny from SGU and maybe i will use some weapondesigns from another Scifi Universe but everything else is completely out of my head:D

    Ok, i think i will move the Hangars on the outer Arms, they lose some protection but the fighters and shuttles can start at full thrust.

    Regarding to the shape:
    This is my first ship i am creating with some Ruby-scripts. For Example to Bevel edges. And its intended to lock that flat
    (damm i im pretty good at english in school but when iA’m writing here i fail, sorry for that:()
  • walpurgiswalpurgis181 Posts: 0Member
    I just wanted to say I like the original arrangement. maybe you could invoke the Rule Of Cool?:confused: and also, don't worry too much about your English, we pretty much only read the first couple and last couple letters of words, so unless you really mangle the language we'll be able to understand you.

    (P.S.) its damn not damm 'kay? ;)
  • kevinskikevinski0 Posts: 0Member
    to be honest...
    I stoped working on it long ago, it was kind of boring and I didnA’t liked what i "made".
    At the Moment I am doing some other Stuff, maybe is start another Thread where I post all my Work(WIP).

    regarding to the problem with the hangarbays:

    -in my mind, the fighters would be like the ViperA’s from Battlestar Galactica (RDM) but i never thought about the way they would start.
    If they would start from the hangarA’s they could turn around right after leaving them
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