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3DW40K Black Templars Battlebarge



  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]0 Posts: 3Member
    A new idea, always on Black Templars space theme

  • BasajaunBasajaun181 Posts: 0Member
    That last ship looks great.

    Although I've heard about it before, I'm not familiar with the Warhammer universe. I've been taking a look at your WIP threads and I'm very impressed. You're doing a fantastic job :thumb:
  • ArmondikovArmondikov0 Posts: 0Member
    Holy crap. Don't suddenly spring an image like that on me. It's difficult to take it in one go. You may have actually broken me.
  • xanthraxanthra0 Posts: 0Member
    Damn, that's impressive!
    You really need to make physical models and sell them.
    You will put GW out of business with designs like these.
    andcar1969 wrote: »
  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    Woah! awesome stuff indeed!
  • StarshipStarship243 São Paulo - BrasilPosts: 1,789Member
    Man, youA’re doing kickass meshes! Impressive work!. :)
  • heh, i had gotten so low of late not seeing updates from you :'(

    but that model made me chuckle..its wh40k all over. Crazy design that looks like it could hurt someone
  • teknomancer2008teknomancer200866 Posts: 145Member
    its a lovely piece of work, i have to admit, lots of details. imagine coming up against that on a bad day! lol
  • Really thank you very much to all of you for your really appreciated comments mates :).
    I've recently resumed the work on my Land Raider "Helbrecht" Pattern cause I want a version 2 of it.
    Meantime I'm trying to restyle the Eternal Crusader upper bridge with more gothic constructions so, here is the first preview.

  • BinkermanBinkerman0 Posts: 0Member
    That Orbital Sentinel looks amazing ... fits right into the 40K Universe ....Your last render sparked my warped sense of humour,.. So you'll have to excuse my mental wayward mind ...

    Glad to see you back Andrea ... Great Updates mate !! :thumb: ,....

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]0 Posts: 3Member
    :lol: :lol: :lol: .... JAS, YOU DA MAN !!!!!!

    Sorry for being disappeared but I'm currently relocating to a new city so ... a lot of work to do as you can imagine.
    Hope to come back very soon.

    Binkerman wrote: »
    That Orbital Sentinel looks amazing ... fits right into the 40K Universe ....Your last render sparked my warped sense of humour,.. So you'll have to excuse my mental wayward mind ...

    Glad to see you back Andrea ... Great Updates mate !! :thumb: ,....

  • Lee80Lee80192 Posts: 458Member
    Good luck with the move Andrea, hope things go well. Loving the detail on the battle barge
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]0 Posts: 3Member
    Lee80 wrote: »
    Good luck with the move Andrea, hope things go well. Loving the detail on the battle barge

    Yes mate, thank you, it's all ok ... up to now :)
    This is my new house: Serene Republic of Venice fortress (Leonardo Da Vinci's design)

  • BinkermanBinkerman0 Posts: 0Member
    Hmmm ... Looks like the CHAOS Symbol to me, ... Heretic !! :devil: ....

    Looks like a beautiful place to live Andrea, .... Will be good to see some updates once you've got yourself sorted ...

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]0 Posts: 3Member
    glad to see ur still around. i had wondered where this thread had gone to!

    lol @ the windowwasher advertisement. Cant say i envy the poor sods that get that job!
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]0 Posts: 3Member
    Amazing amount if detail!
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]0 Posts: 3Member
    Really thanks for comments mates :)
    Well, now that the move is gone, I want to take a break from 3D modeling ...
    I need inspiration to start a new project (or a stimulus to complete the second release
    of the Eternal Crusader :)).
    Meantime, I post my last work: Land Raider Helbrecht Pattern V2 ... it's still a WIP :)

  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    Oh wow....:o
  • mbradshawmbradshaw0 Posts: 0Member
    The Imperium of Man needs you to build machines of death for them!
    Really awesome work! Love the Land Raider Helbrecht Pattern V2!!!
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]0 Posts: 3Member
    From "The Lord Inquisitor" Movie
    Battlebarge and Light Cruiser escort vessels models by me
    Space scene composition and rendering by Erasmus Brosdau
    (This is still a WIP)

  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    Woah, good job man, good job! Your models really come to their right. Awesome.
  • BinkermanBinkerman0 Posts: 0Member
    Great to see you back Andrea !, ... and great modelling of those ships !!. The comp does look a bit dodgy atm, but as you say, it's currently a WIP, so look forward to how the final version turns out.

    I've also been approached by Erasmus to join the team, but currently a tad busy to commit. He expects the project to run a couple of years, so I might do something for it down the track, (If he still needs help) ... But would like to get back to my own 40K Project, ... Just having a short break away from that atm ...

    Anyway mate, hope you have fun working on the movie, and good to know your models will get the exposure they deserve !! :thumb:

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]0 Posts: 3Member
    @ Meph: many thanks mate ;)

    @ Jas: thank you for the kind words :) and I'm glad to hear you could join the project in the next
    future, your fantastic skills would be really appreciated ;). I've to say I'm not currently working on
    the movie cause I'm involved in writing my very first novel.
    Hope I can publish it in bookshops in the next Christmastime :).
  • salsasalsa0 Posts: 0Member
    Has GW contacted you yet? These look like finished renders, but there still WIP's??

    The ships look ready to whoop some heretical butt. just wish the pic was a teeny, okay a lot, bigger.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]0 Posts: 3Member
    thought u had a hand in the making of that movie - saw the ship on the blogpage and was like ":O i know that design!"

    u know the lord inquisitor movie has been used as an example of how to do wh40k cgi on a non-existent budget all over the internet (in response to people defending the ultramarines movie's disaster of a first trailer)
  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    The second trailer's not too bad though, but it does become apparent that the majority of the budget went into the voice actors. The animation's not bad but some of the modelling and compositing could have been better.
    Ultramarines The Movie, Second Trailer

    But back to the point, this model could easily hold its own to what I've seen on Utlramarines.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]0 Posts: 3Member
    Really thanks to all for the kind comments :)
    Some shot on my textured Black Templars battlebarge version.
    Simple black-red colour scheme works well for me.
    More to come




  • FlankerFlanker0 Posts: 0Member
    The amount of detail makes my jaw drop :) got to love the Warhammer 40k style in that regard.
  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    My only crit is that it could use another blast from the Spice Weasel. The colour scheme looks absolutely great but the cloud/noise pattern you used to break up the flat colours conveys the scale of hundreds of meters, not a few kilometers. I'd suggest playing around with the noise map a bit more and see if you can squeeze out one that will put the ship more to scale.
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