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Practical40K Scale - IG Leviathan



  • Odyssey SlipwaysOdyssey Slipways0 Posts: 0Member
    where's the wood stick scaffolding, the orc & human slaves, the mountains in the backgrounds with the Leviathan shown in a hidden valley, some heavy machinery ......
  • Mister KMister K171 Posts: 0Member
    wow... by the god emperor of mankind!!!!! :D
  • DannageDannage199 Posts: 614Member
    Scaffolding... I knew I was missing something... Harumph...

    Started priming her a few days later...

  • KadaeuxKadaeux0 Posts: 0Member
    Very nice use of the GW terrain sets.
  • FirelodeFirelode171 Posts: 0Member
    Looking really good Dan, nice work.
  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    Ow mate! Wowsers would be a good term I believe, followed by: Go go Gadget! That thing is becoming more impressive with every shot.

    And it's indeed 'Big Gun' I was referring too, muhaha ;)
  • ArmondikovArmondikov0 Posts: 0Member
    [Insert suitable blasphemous expletive here]
  • DannageDannage199 Posts: 614Member
    mwuh a ha haa.. wheee...

    Technically I'm in a panic... I just got out of work (8pm) and I've got one week to go til this thing is displayed at an event... EEEEEK!

    Hmmm, must lighten the mood..


    See, the command squad was sucking up valuable hobby time too...


    Well, now how is this for planning?


    amazing how much stuff you can get out of one sheet...


    But what will those end up as?.... hmmm....
  • DannageDannage199 Posts: 614Member
    Oh, yes.. the commander joke.. That was supposed to be him phoning the AA on a bit of a windup... ahem...
  • ArmondikovArmondikov0 Posts: 0Member
    I'm sure you can paint it in a week. Good luck.
  • DannageDannage199 Posts: 614Member
    Technically I'm still building bits (I needed to destroy and then rebuild the port track module from scratch!)

    Plus I also have been working on the carrying case..


    there has been an awful lot of polystyrene cutting going on over the weekend...

    This is what those rnadom pieces turned into.


    These go on the bits you were sitting there looking at, thinking, Man, he should really put something in that big flat space above the tracks...
  • DannageDannage199 Posts: 614Member
    Also had a valkyrie to add for the landing platform. You can see now some of the model has been painted, plus the valkyrie! :)

  • DannageDannage199 Posts: 614Member
    Well, I just about made it in time... Lot of fun was had, we played special missions and the Leviathan took part in four specialist games, getting crushed in three of them (They gave her rear armour of 10 and Space Marines don't have trouble dealing with that in close combat!) The fourth game the powers made the opponent set up fairly far away, meaning I had a chance to 'fire all guns' and yeah, in that game, it was a massacre. :)

    Here's a couple of favoured shots!


    Turns out I can comfortably fit 100 men inside the tank and who knows how many on top... I've bought another few infantry squads and will buy several more just to ensure she's filled up!


    I managed to illicit the expected reactions when I opened the back door and both tanks and men started pouring out!


    This is one of those shots I would like someone clever out there to photoshop the background! Someone please replace warhammer world and people, with ruined cities and sky!! :)

    This was an awesome table to use at warhammer world, because the ruined city pieces really worked well, and actually made some of the camo look effective!

  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    Dannage wrote: »
    This is one of those shots I would like someone clever out there to photoshop the background! Someone please replace warhammer world and people, with ruined cities and sky!! :)

    Hehehe, this sounds like a challenge! I copied the pic to my desktop. ;) Muhahaha!

    Could be a couple of days though...

    The model in action looks brilliant mate! the urban camo does do a good job in blending in the model with the buildings. Who though you could actually, effectively, camouflage a vehicle the size of a house... Just disguise it as a building, hah!
  • DannageDannage199 Posts: 614Member
    No worries dude! :) I'll give it a go too, but mine will be rubbish.... You may as well leave the huge light in and pretend it's a sun! whe he heee...

    We actually talked about camo at length on warseer. Someone mentioned how well hidden the Valkyrie looked on the pad and I then realised the camo isn't to hide the Leviathan, it's actually to hide all it's support vehicles! My army is in urban camo and the Leviathan is the urban!

    Its all about breaking up the lines anyway so you can see something is there but you can't tell what it is. :)

    I was just really happy to get the chance to see her in decent terrain! I ended up taking 65 photos, about 55 of them of me tank! whee heeee
  • leviathan1j.jpg


    And my compliments. That's one helluva tank!

  • DannageDannage199 Posts: 614Member
    Crikey you are quick... :) Thanks dude, that looks awesome. I'll have to post more pictures now, see which ones inspire which people! :)
  • DannageDannage199 Posts: 614Member
    Here, try these...





    And in the countryside...






    And finally

  • Hey, bro.

    Glad you liked it. Some of you next shots are inspiring as well. but don't get your hopes up yet. I just happened to have a free night last night. But I'll try to get something done with these.

  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    Weheyyy, even petter pics for some post-prod madness. i got started on the precious composite but got sidetracked a bit. I'll have to dig it up again and finish. Or start of over with a pic from this last batch...
  • Captain ShrikeCaptain Shrike0 Posts: 0Member
    hey there i do believe i saw one of these at games day uk. i can't remember what it looked like exactly but i think this one's better, unless it is the one i saw lol.
  • DannageDannage199 Posts: 614Member
    Meph, you could do both. I can never have too many photos of my beloved. Just think when she crumbles to dust or some six year old trips and lands on it, these pics will be all I have to remember her by. :)

    Shrike, the folks at GW did ask for me to bring it to Games day so you would have seen it in the flesh!

    It was in the mega battle which involved the Mega Gargant, a daft amount of Stompas and about 80 baneblades and stormswords etc... She was right next to an imperator titan and surrounded by people and so didn't look as imposing as on these pictures. It's all in the picture composition. ;)
  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    Arrr I wish I had Photoshop at the office... it's promising to be a very quiet day... I got Gimp though but that interface was designed lobotomized megalomaniac...
  • mbfiprmbfipr0 Posts: 0Member

    Uploaded with^this is my attempt after an astonishing 5 minutes of work O.o
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