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3DDalek Hunters 3D Stuff

DalekHunterDalekHunter331 Posts: 9Member
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Ive decided to stop just looking at the awesome work done here and start posting my stuff

as my name suggests the majority of my 3D work has been doing the Daleks form the sci fi show Doctor who that was only because i didnt have the room to build a real one so 3D was the next obvious choice not wanting my work to be confined to Dalek however i wanted to model something from one of my other sci fi interests

ive seen the warhammer WIPS on here and thought id give it a go myself, this will be the first humanoid character i am attempting so im not sure exactly where to start

did these today the shoulder pads for the space marine they aren't perfect nor finished but a starts a start right

Dalek Hunter

any tip, pointers advice or help as how to do humanoid characters would be greatly appreciated
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  • ArmondikovArmondikov0 Posts: 0Member
    Every attempt at making a marine I try, I always have trouble with the shoulder pads. There's just something about how that shape works that I can't put my finger on that makes things difficult. But these look spot on, keep it up.
  • DalekHunterDalekHunter331 Posts: 9Member
    Thanks they are just two arcs for the frame welded together and then a capsule made to the right diameter to fit inside the frame then i took the bottom rounding off with a knife then extended the flat area down to the bottom half of the frame then connected it all together

    im going to try and make the mannequin that all the armor will go on today just so i have somthing to scale and i think i will get every reference image i can
  • MephMeph331 Posts: 0Member
    Go man, go! :D More marines!
  • DalekHunterDalekHunter331 Posts: 9Member

    finding it quite tricky making the figure shape for the armor to go on
  • BinkermanBinkerman0 Posts: 0Member
    @ DalekHunter:

    Shape looks about right for the Pads, (from that view) ....

    Since this is your first time with Humanoid Characters, .. Box Modelling is probably the most common method for getting the base shape sorted, ... Depending how detailed you want your Character, .. from Cartoon looking to Realistic, ... Different methods can be used for the more specialised areas such as the Head, Ears, Hands & Feet .. All of those areas can be difficult even for experienced modellers to get looking right, ...

    Assuming you're going for a Space Marine with Helmet, you only need to focus on the main body structure & hands since the rest will be hidden, ... though its good to do a very basic head shape so the Helmet is scaled up enough & positioned correctly to fit a human head inside, ... You're going the right way with doing a base human mesh, as that will guide you on correct armour placement & scaling etc .... which will make things easier in the long run, ...

    What software are you using ? ... If its MAX then you can always use a Biped as your initial guide until you get more practice modelling a human .... Then you can incorporate the human mesh later, and make final adjustments to the armour for the right fit ....

    Collecting REFs are pretty much a standard, if you want to get it right ... Great to see another 40K thread started !! :cool: ...

  • DalekHunterDalekHunter331 Posts: 9Member
    Thanks Jas

    the software im using is Cinema 4D release 10.5 you can get human figures which is properly scaled which is what i am going to use

  • DalekHunterDalekHunter331 Posts: 9Member
    A small update the figure is one that comes with Cinema 4D and is what i will be using to model all the armor onto until i can model a figure of my own using the C4D one as a template matching it withing the face and the clothing

    Note - i have followed Jas's advice and made the figure a single dark color to contrast between the pieces i apply and have also scaled up the shoulder pads
  • BinkermanBinkerman0 Posts: 0Member
    Andy, ... Make the human mesh neutral so that its not distracting from the modelling you're doing, .. i.e delete/remove clothing & textures, .. Make the entire figure a dark grey to contrast with your actual work, but can still see the base mesh you're using to place the armour, ... There needs to be a clear visual between your work and Temp figure you're using as a guide ...

    As for the shoulder Pads, they need to be scaled up more, ... They look a tad small ....

  • BinkermanBinkerman0 Posts: 0Member
    Yeah that looks better, as your work is defined better now, ....... I manipulated that render of the Cinema 4D human to give an idea what you may need to consider when you build your own 40K Marine (base mesh) .... In the pic below, the heavier build enables him to wear larger Shoulder Pads because of his broader shoulders etc, ... The Shoulder Pads size is important, as that's one of the main signature pieces of a 40K Marine .... Just depends what style you end up going for, ...whether its, .. Dawn of War Cinematic, Dawn of War 2 Cinematic, or the Physical Miniatures appearance ...

    I personally went with a Mixture of the first Dawn of War Cinematic & the Miniatures for my own Marines, .... Anyway hope this helps ....


  • DalekHunterDalekHunter331 Posts: 9Member
    That is a huge help jas the style i am going for is the Dawn of war 1 cinematic with maybe a few of my own tweaks here and there

    thanks again
  • DalekHunterDalekHunter331 Posts: 9Member
    Made a start today on the back back ive also got my hands on a decent Human mesh made by a program called make human which is a really useful tool

    the back back is nothing to shout about yet still got alot of tweaking to do but its a start

    might go back to the construction splines i used for the shoulder pads and add the bevels onto the splines before making it one object as trying to do the bevels on the as one model it doesn't really work that all

  • DalekHunterDalekHunter331 Posts: 9Member
    Started a Rhino today as the space marine is taking longer than expected im using reference images as well as my own model of the rhino to model from
  • D.M.J.D.M.J.0 Posts: 0Member
    Looks accurate so far! Those edges are a bit sharp though, a bevel always helps with making the edges look less artificial.
  • DalekHunterDalekHunter331 Posts: 9Member
    Thanks, im making sure the shape is right first before i start beveling
  • DalekHunterDalekHunter331 Posts: 9Member
    More of the body done and added the front light housings and the exhausts
  • DalekHunterDalekHunter331 Posts: 9Member
    Havent had a chance to do much on the rhno or the space marine as of late work has been cutting into my free time

    im having trouble modeling the marine form reference images does anyone have or know where i could get some front back and side views of the marine with i can model onto
  • DalekHunterDalekHunter331 Posts: 9Member
    Hey guys

    havent done much 3D stuf fin a while but am in full warhammer mod e after spending a day at warhammer world near where i live

    ordered imperial armor volume 2 which has tons of reference for the space marine stuff which will help in the models im doing

    i was staring at my terminator models and decided to have a crack at modeling them since they are quite boxy

    heres what ive got so far not alot but a starts a start right the fingers are only place holders and so is the ball at the back

    let me know what yuu think?
  • MephMeph331 Posts: 0Member
    Hmmmm placeholders indeed and overall a bit flat... I'd suggest to start with the torso and expand on that, it will be easier to keep size and perspective in order.
    Be aware that terminators are deceptively difficult, I started one 7 years ago but never finished it. There are curves and lines in their armour that are very, very difficult to get 'just right', especially the helmet. But thatnotwithstanding, I'm eager to see a finished one in 3D! :D
  • ArmondikovArmondikov0 Posts: 0Member
    Ah hell, all marines are deceptively difficult to do. Getting even the shoulder pads to look right is an achievement.
  • DalekHunterDalekHunter331 Posts: 9Member
    As a reference other than the miniature im using this image from the bolter and chain sword program you can use to try out different colour schemes unfortunately it only has front view

    got to adjust the figure a bit first
  • slimdimslimdim171 Posts: 0Member
    Why dose the marine have one arm shorter than the other?
  • DalekHunterDalekHunter331 Posts: 9Member
    because the bigger arm is a power fist
  • MephMeph331 Posts: 0Member
    Indeed, in the power fist, the guy's fingers aren't actually in the fingers but in the 'hand'.
  • DalekHunterDalekHunter331 Posts: 9Member
    Ive not posted on here for a while as i hadnt done much if anything to my 40K models

    I downloaded this model of a Terminator form the Daz 3D forum it was made by a user on there called Obi Wan

    i am in the process or rigging it, my aim is to have a bunch of them (all helmeted as i cant do facial animation yet) and have them stalking the corridors of a wrecked ship similar to Space Hulk

    when i come to texture and color them they will be done in the colors of the Raven Guard as i dont want to do the two chapters everyone else does when they do marines and thats Blood Angels and Ultra Marines

    There is a bit of work that needs doing to the Terminator the Aquila needs adding to the chest as well as the scanner above the Terminators head

    I am also going to be adding all the different weapons
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