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PracticalFW Imperial Space Marine



  • Lizzy777Lizzy777335 PNWPosts: 471Member
    Rockin' model here. The thread progression taught me a lot! Most likely use some techniques if I ever get back into this kind of modeling, or even painting miniatures (like I used to).
    "Cry 'Havoc!,' and let slip the corgies of war!"
  • maverick8472maverick84720 Posts: 0Member
    I just had a joygasm :D. truely awsome, now they just need to make bigger verisons of others hehe imagine a scale version of a dreadnought :eek:
  • BinkermanBinkerman0 Posts: 0Member
    Fantastic Work Meph !!, ... One small suggestion, .. A clear gloss coat for the Eye Lenses on the Helmet would look good ... ... Looking forward to seeing him with the Bolter and Base details done ... I Like the pics posted in > Post #86 which really show him off well :cool:!! ...

    Thread deserves some Gold Stars for the work you've put into this guy ... Top Job so far mate :thumb: !!

    *EDIT* Thread Stars not showing up on your thread ? ... Sorry Meph, but for the record I did give it the full 5 star treatment ... maybe a MOD can see why they're not showing ? ...

  • DCBDCB171 Posts: 0Member
    Very nice Meph. I'm not a huge fan of the cracking effect on the right shoulder pad (seems a tad over the top to me), but otherwise it looks pretty sweet. Got any plans for the base?
    Meph wrote: »
    don't know the correct word in English
    Sounds like Blu-Tack to me.
  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    Cheers guys & gals! I'm very glad you're liking it. Thanks a bunch for the rep/stars for the thread. :D

    @Lizzy777: So i can take it that the Hello Kitty Gundam from your avatar is your own work? Cool! :D

    @maverick8472: Oh man, I've been praying for a Terminator on that scale ever since I first saw this mini... *sigh* Perhaps I should consider just sculpting my own g'dammit!

    @Binkerman: Ah my friend, the lenzes are not finished yet, that and the tiny little screens on his left arm still need to be done. The eyes are going to receive a HUD in the style of my tests several posts/pages back. I'm definitely going ahead with that HUD plan for the lenzes, I think I'll paint them with a gradient going from white to black, then applying a custom decal and then working with colour glazes to build up the green colour. Or perhaps I'll paint the lenzes in their green-to-black colour, then apply the transfer and use that as a guide to paint the lighter HUD.

    The trouble is that with option 1 I can achieve crystal sharp details because it's just printed decal.
    With option two I'll be able to better achieve the 'glowy' HUD effect as I can't print in white and anything lighter needs to be painted on.

    What would be the better approach of the two you think?

    @DCB: For the base I think I'll stick with the standard base that came with it. You can see it on the first page. It's basically some rubble from stone columns and the ground is riddled with spent bolter casings. It's the easiest to accomodate the model's rather bizarre pose that looks like he's doing fitness lunges or attempting a re-enactment of MJ's 'Thriller'.

    As for the yellow shoulder par, I completely agree, the crackling went a bit overboard as sadly it's a random process as soon as the product is applied. I'm thinking about sculpting a whole bunch of purity seals and perhaps a sheet of parchment in green stuff to cover up part of the yellow pad.
  • BinkermanBinkerman0 Posts: 0Member
    Hmm Personally Id skip the HUD on the lense altogether, even if its supposed to be there, in favour of just giving it a good glow effect ... I did a bit of photoshop work on his eye just to give an idea of what id go for ... but its your call Meph ...

  • DCBDCB171 Posts: 0Member
    I'd also vote against the HUD look. I think the standard GW gem "glow" effect would be fine.
    Binkerman wrote: »
    Thread Stars not showing up on your thread ? ... Sorry Meph, but for the record I did give it the full 5 star treatment ... maybe a MOD can see why they're not showing ? ...
    You need a minimum number of unique ratings usually. I think 5 is the vBulletin default.
  • GuerrillaGuerrilla444 HelsinkiPosts: 2,536Administrator
    One more vote against the HUD here.

    Yeah, I think there's a minimum threshold to thread ratings. Personally, I'd like to see the silly things gone completely, but for what it's worth, I did give you five stars a moment ago. :p
    Comco: i entered it manually in the back end
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  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    Well, thanks for the stars guy, in any case it's the thought that counts.

    Hmmm perhaps I should reconsider the HUD thing, or maybe try with just a very, very subtle crosshair.

    As for the green, that's exactly the kind of gem glow effect.
  • Lizzy777Lizzy777335 PNWPosts: 471Member
    Meph wrote: »
    @Lizzy777: So i can take it that the Hello Kitty Gundam from your avatar is your own work? Cool! :D

    Oh no. I can't take credit for that.

    BotJunkie Pink Gundam Is Pink

    And the original page.


    My own work consists of dozens of minis ranging from dragons and elves to OmniMechs and starships.
    "Cry 'Havoc!,' and let slip the corgies of war!"
  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    Ahahaha that gundam's pose is brilliant! That'll sure confuse the hell out of any enemy...

    Ah well, in any case I can recommend a (at least temporary) return to physical models. The work is very relaxing and soothing and it's a different kind of satisfaction than 3D models.
  • Captain ShrikeCaptain Shrike0 Posts: 0Member
    ALL the space marines that gw do with the helmets on have glowing eyes. those dudes are definitely more than capable of putting cross-hairs on the eyes, they just don't. i'm sticking with the middle ground - it's your call meph
  • DCBDCB171 Posts: 0Member
    The fluff says they have all sorts of tactical overlays and such - but it's either inside the helmet or directly plugged into their brain. Either way you wouldn't see anything from outside.
  • Nathan RubricNathan Rubric179 GermanyPosts: 155Member
    Whould be much more impressive, when the eyes would glow real.

    Like darktransparent lenses lighted with a LED or so...

    Just a thought. ;)
  • DCBDCB171 Posts: 0Member
    Not really a practical option with a solid casting. Also, as that was Forge World's first miniature, I think it was white metal (like standard GW miniatures) and not resin like the stuff they do now which makes it even more impractical.
  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    Hmmm The model's definitely in resin, I'm not entirely sure but I think that FW always worked with resin, as white metal casting probably requires quite an expensive infrastructure and resin casting is relatively low-tech.

    Hehe I've actually thought about putting transparent lenzes in the helmet, I was even contemplating transparent lenzes with some eyes visible behind. but I guess that's a whole project by itself and not feasible on an almost finished model.

    About the HUD, it's going to be a tough call to make, the main reason I'm not eager anymore to do it it that I'm afraid that I'll make him look cross-eyed with cross hairs...
    Purely detail-wise it might look cool I think but I'm not so sure I want to risk anything to ruin the look at this point. Perhaps I'll just use the technique on the little screens on his left forearms and just make his eyes glowy... Although...perhaps I'll experiment with a very, very subtle pattern, barely visible, gaaah! dunno anymore...
  • DCBDCB171 Posts: 0Member
    Well if it didn't work you could always paint over it.
  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    Myeah... it's worth a shot I guess...
  • SyklonSyklon0 Posts: 0Member
    Just saw the dry fit images, that's awesome work, and glowing eyes will make it even better if you manage to pull it off.
  • jabbakahutjabbakahut0 Posts: 0Member
    Incredible work, bravo!
  • DannageDannage179 Posts: 597Member
    Well since it's been necro'd anyway, just wanted to say I went and bought
    one of these kits at gamesday on the first day of my holiday and now I'm back I can start building it. Of course, even the typically rubbish instructions you get with a FW kit aren't included, so there are a couple of bits which I'm not sure where they go... uh... but I'll try and show the world how to muck one of these kits up. :)
  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    No fear, this thing ain't dead. I just had kind of a long summer break from this project but now that the weather's becoming dreary and depressing again. I'm sure to finish the dude's bolter and base during the following months. :D

    Good on ya Dannage, it's a blast to paint! :D
  • ArmondikovArmondikov0 Posts: 0Member
    Good to know that this didn't fall completely off the radar! Has it got a nice layer of dust since you last touched it? :p
  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    Occasional fondling keeps the dust away. :)

    Well, and actually the main reason why this has slowed down because I've started a large decoration on a friend's toilet door and that's rather time consuming because it's roughly 40cm by 60cm. Actually Could post a pic or two because I, er, took two pic of it so far. :D I'll upload the later on to keep some life in this thread.
    What I'm making is a weatheread and old flag of Leuven, the city my friend and I both live in, which is three horizontal bands red/white/red. This symbolizes the blood flowing in the river after the viking invasion of Belgium was stopped in Leuven with a bloody battle on the shores of the river Dijle.
    Anywhoo, over that I'll make a hammer of Thor (my mate's big into Scadinavian metal) with the hilt of the hammer being two ancient-style dolphins, which are the symbol of his girlfriend's hometown of Taranto, Italy.

    But as I've been working on this on a few rare free days in the weekend during the summer, the Marine got put on hold. But the crap autumn weather is bound to keep me inside the house more so I'll be sure to finish it. As another side project, painting the Space Hulk miniatures has also presented itself, and they're primed and ready for basecoating.
  • DannageDannage179 Posts: 597Member
    Now I've found my phone charger I'll take some photos of the bits that are confusing me for mine. Haven't seen them on your model yet?!
  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    Ah, you probably mean the pouches and frag and krak grenade. :D
  • DCBDCB171 Posts: 0Member
    Dannage wrote: »
    Of course, even the typically rubbish instructions you get with a FW kit aren't included
    Try this -
  • ArmondikovArmondikov0 Posts: 0Member
    Meph wrote: »
    Ah, you probably mean the pouches and frag and krak grenade. :D

    You get those with the 28 mm kits and I've never figured out exactly how to add them because frankly, they look over-sized and crap. Generally I think you can just shove them anywhere.
  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    On the large mini, all the accessories have little connection plugs that fit neatly into the sockets on the belt, even the targeting scope has one.

    I think there are enough sockets on the belt to connect most the accessories at the same time. The rather awkward position of the left leg sadly mean that, practically speaking, choices will have to be made on which to attach and which ones to leave out...

    For my marine I'm thinking to put the scabbard and an ammo pouch on his right side, the more visible side, and to put the grenades perhaps on the left side. Too bad that the pouches don't fit on the back below the back pack. Since marines pump quite a bit of rounds into an enemy horde it would be nice actually to see a marine who carries a decent amount of clips. Maybe it wouldn't look so streamlined as the 'iconic' marine but it would ground the model more into plausible realism. Even the grunt of today carries about half a dozen clips on a patrol...
  • DannageDannage179 Posts: 597Member
    I checked the kit again last night and no, these three bits aren't ammo pouches or grenades.

    Having had a look at the instructions, they're not in there either! Looks like Forgeworld have included three random bits from another kit.... Now I just wonder what they're from!
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