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3DMy 3d Daedalus

carlgcarlg1 Posts: 0Member
edited April 2010 in Work in Progress #1
Hey everybody,

Some of you have been following my take on the Daedalus-class in the 2d thread here. I mentioned a couple of times that I would get started on a 3d version.

Well, BorgMan's most excellent start (which can be found here) inspied me to get my act together and get started on that. I've got a lot of the nacelle done so far (scribing lines into the hull is a pain :p):


A close up of the bussard scoop:


I had originally modelled something more ornate before I decided I wanted a more functional-looking verion. This first version looks a bit like the tail light of a 50's car, but it was fun to model:


The insides still have a lot of work to be done, but I've already roughed out the ends where the inner coils will be "plugged" into the nacelle (it's my shout out to the LHC, which hasn't blown the world up, thank you very much :D):


Close-up of the aft section.


I'm really not happy with those intercoller fin things; I can't seem to find pleasing proportions for them. Thoughts?

Also, I've been having trouble with adding holes in the aft section:


I tried booleans for those holes (I'm using 3dMax 8), and I get this kind of wireframe:


Depending on how you move the lights in the scene, that will either look ok or have all sorts of horrible artifacts appearing. Is there any way to clean that up, or something?

Anyway, more updates later this week. :)

Thanks to somacruz145 and MadKoiFish for lighting advice.
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  • MelakMelak332 Posts: 0Member
    Nice work! =)

    If you cut some lines in the polygon (like a fairly dense grid) and then do the boolean, it will greatly reduce these random connections between the holes.
    Try maybe something like that:

    and if that doesn't do the job, try adding vertical cuts in the same manner.
  • BorgManBorgMan209 DutchlandPosts: 581Member
    Ah, let the batlle of *he-who-melts-his-CPU-first* begin! :D

    Looking very good, this at least gives me a look in your way of thinking. I'm not sure if I will go as all-out on the detailing as you are doing, but I can always give it a shot ;)
  • somacruz145somacruz1450 Posts: 0Member
    That looks really good so far :thumb:
    The 3D model doesn't seem any worse than the 2D version :D
    I almost forgot that you asked me about the lighting and I was going to ask you why did you mention me here :p
  • carlgcarlg1 Posts: 0Member
    Melak: Thanks so much -- I followed your advice and it looks much less atrocious now:


    Redid the intercoolers at the rear. I'm still not sure about those little fins, they might have to go.


    Added the tubes at the front also. Splines are my friend. :)


    Also did a few sketches for the engineering decks and control consoles. I've already posted them in BorgMan's thread, but I thought I'd post them here just 'cause.




    C&C welcome as always.
  • GlazyGlazy2 Posts: 0Member
    I love what you're doing with this !!!!
  • carlgcarlg1 Posts: 0Member
    *sneaks in, revives thread*

    Stupid flu. And work.:(

    Anyways, I have a bit of an update; I got some work done on the bracings for the glass bit on the warp drive. I have two versions, and I'd like to know what you all think of them.



    Which do you think I should go with?

    Also, I did end up getting rid of those little fins on the intercoolers; they just ended up looking too "fussy" (I guess that's the best word). And I added the upper pipe.


    I haven't forgotten about you, BorgMan, ;) I'll have that deck plan for you soon as possible.
  • Andrew MarchAndrew March0 Posts: 0Member
    I love where this is going, excellent.
  • chronochrono0 Posts: 1Member
    The First looks functional.
    The Second looks Artsy/functional unless you add a visual reason for the extra detail.

    The little fins on the intercoolers... have you tried to vary the count? A quarter as many or 3 groups of 2 would add detail without looking overly busy.
  • carlgcarlg1 Posts: 0Member
    Thanks, chrono. Yeah, I decided to go with the first option.

    Got some work done on the connecting fin between the nacelle and the pylon:



    And a full view:

  • I.G.88I.G.880 Posts: 0Member
    Looking Very nice there shes gonna be a beauty!
  • seanrseanr954 Brooklyn, NYPosts: 549Member
    I really like those interior designs. Nice work!
  • HelotHelot331 Posts: 0Member
    This looks to be amazing. Love the work so far. Your interior sketches are excellent.
  • DGWilliamsDGWilliams0 Posts: 0Member
    Inspiring work. Keep it up.
  • carlgcarlg1 Posts: 0Member
    *Brushes dust off thread*

    Finally got to do some more work on this baby.:D

    Re-did the pylons. Cutting hull panel lines was causing all kinds of lumps, bumps and other ugliness, so I restarted it, now with (many) extra polys. Thanks to tobian for his advice (and patience). :thumb:



    Also roughed out the Engineering section. Here's how the whole thing looks so far:


    While I was waiting for everything to render, I had some time to sketch out some ideas for a uniform patch:


    As you can see, I also had the time to go Latin motto hunting. :)
    I really like "Omne ignotum pro magnifico est" -- "Anything we haven't seen before is marvellous". I don't think it's been used by any of you guys yet, and it sums up the Starfleet attitude rather wonderfully.

    C&C greatly welcomed, as usual.

    By the way, would any of you guys who rock at Illustrator know of a tutorial for mission patches? Or might think of writing one? Thanks in advance.

    Speaking of mission patches, I didn't know that Michael Okuda designs them for NASA now! How cool is that?!
  • MelakMelak332 Posts: 0Member
    Cool, the pylons look great!
    I dig the 2nd and 4th patch :)
  • Lee80Lee80192 Posts: 458Member
    nice work Carl.
  • BorgManBorgMan209 DutchlandPosts: 581Member
    Nice going man! I'm digging the first and third one on top! On a side note, you can use SketchUp for 2D work as well, though it ofcourse won't be the same as Illustrator...
  • CXCX0 Posts: 0Member
    I like the 3rd one best
  • trekmantrekman0 Posts: 0Member
    Shoot, I like all the patches, do em all man!
  • carlgcarlg1 Posts: 0Member
    Thanks, guys! :) i'm leaning towards the 1st, 2nd, or 4th ones myself, but I'll probably end up doing all of them -- plenty of ships in a class, right?

    Forgot to post some wireframe pics:



    As you can see, my modeling philiosophy for the pylons was "throw enough polys at it until the bumps go away" :p It's a decent result, but it's going to be an awfully heavy file when it's finished.
  • Genex-X1Genex-X10 Posts: 0Member
    Wow some really nice details in there,
    I may need to 'borrow' some of them ideas for my Daedalus

  • carlgcarlg1 Posts: 0Member
    No worries, borrow away. :D
  • carlgcarlg1 Posts: 0Member
    Hooray for hull paneling *sarcasm* :D

    Yeah, I've spent most of my time cutting hull lines into the connecting tubes and the engineering section:



    Thank God for MadKoiFish and his terriffic tutorials, or this update would've happened in May. 2015.

    Two things I'm not sure I'm happy with:

    -- The engineering lower section is more awkwardly boxy-looking than I was going for. What could I do with it? Stretch it, bevel it, angle it? I like how it looks from the side, but the 90 degree, up and down-ness of the walls is knid of brutal.

    -- I'm also not toally keen on how the connector meets up with the pylon, especially the underside; I might put some kind of collar around it, or keep the pipe at the smaller diameter when it meets the pylon. Thoughts?

    Another thing: does anyone know of any interesting sorts of metal bracings, or connectors or clamps? I'm trying to think of interesting ways to attach engineering to the reactor "tank" underneath while still having it look believeably sturdy.
    I've tried searchin google image and flickr, but no such luck. Any ideas anyone has, don't hesitate to pitch em. :)

    One more render, with the warp engines, to give an idea of height/proportion (hopefully):


    And while I was waiting for all this to render.... a challenger appears! :devil:

  • <:K.I.S:><:K.I.S:>0 Posts: 0Member
    Nice :thumb:
  • FuryofaseraphFuryofaseraph0 Posts: 0Member
    Holy crap!
    I'm keeping an eye on this thread!

    awesome stuff. I like your fancy-but-utilitarianism look of this guy.
  • carlgcarlg1 Posts: 0Member
    Thanks! I'm glad I got my intention across so far. I was basically thinking, "OK, how do I make it look good-looking in an endearingly clunky way?" I actually took a lot of inspiration from the Millenium Falcon; let's face it, next to your average shiny Trek ship, she'll never win any beauty prizes, but she's still instantly recognizable and -- dare I say? -- loveable. :)

    Anyhoo, Re-worked the engineering section (again).


    I tapered the lower part so it wasn't such a brutal 90 degree angle, stretched it out forward-to-back a little, and chafered all the edges so it didn't look so razor-sharp.


    Also, finally finished cutting those hull panels (shudder).


    And I changed how the walkway connects to the pylon to a small collar; looks a bit more elegant now.

    I was going to post a render of everything modelled so far, but my Pc was taking forever, and I'm getting sleepy. So, until tomorrow evening, ladies and gents?
  • <:K.I.S:><:K.I.S:>0 Posts: 0Member
    I agree ith the collar it makes it seem more neater. If you catch my meaning.
  • somacruz145somacruz1450 Posts: 0Member
    Yeah it looks really awesome ! :thumb: The connection is very nice and the panel lines are superb :D Keep it up !
  • carlgcarlg1 Posts: 0Member
    It's alive!! ALIVE!! (oh, and the forums are back up, too :D)

    Got the base of one of the reactor sections done.


    Also, did some work on the Engineering section.


    Aaaand the neck.


    And here's how everything looks so far:


    Ignore the fact that there's no glass for the moment, it was mangling my processor...
    I'm pretty happy with it so far; it's really coming together now that more of it's done. :)

    Next up: taking a whack at lighting impulse engines (thanks, Vektor :thumb: )
  • somacruz145somacruz1450 Posts: 0Member
    Amazing job Carl ! :thumb: The mesh is so far absolutely perfect. If you're using mental ray for rendering, you should use the renderer-specific materials such as glass and glow because they are very realistic and render pretty fast.
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