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Useful Resources and References Online

JedilawJedilaw0 Posts: 0Member
Use this thread to post favorite sites with reference images, downloadable textures, models, blueprints, et cetera.

Good sites for prints and pics (from Brickhead's bookmarks), - blueprints for download

Reference images of studio models and/or near-exact replicas -lots of images of studio models, or close replicas of them - ditto - for hardcore scale model folks. Good for reference - excellent shots of the TMP Enterprise model - website created by the man who painted the TMP Enterprise. Excellent discussion of what colors he used, how the "Aztec" effect was achieved. - blueprints for download
Sexton Design link removed due to uncredited usage of other artists' meshes - images of Tamiya, Airfix, and other model kits - useful when modeling greebles

Downloadable textures Very high-end planetary textures, including Earth textures up to 32k in resolution - NASA's Earth Observatory site, source of some amazing Earth bitmaps - link provided by Guerilla - ditto - has LW presets as well as downloadable textures. Magma's amazing scifi texture packs are available here

Downloadable meshes: - LWO meshes, lots of categories. Several of the meshes on LWG3D were also available here on SFM, before the Great Crash of 2006. -hosted by, has lots of Star Wars, lots of Trek. Incidentally, the greeble packs I released a while back are here, available in MAX, OBJ, and LWO formats.
Testures for purchase:

If ya got ' 'em!!!
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