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Too Close To Home

The Klingons fire 4 Photon Torpedos...Admiral Kirk attempts to evade...fires a Phasor blast...will it be enough...enough to save the save Earth...So Close To Home.

Original Klingon Mesh by William Burningham
Conversion to 3DS by Erik Timmermans.

Enterprise Mesh by Eric Peterson
Detailed Texture Mapps/materials and extra 3D Detail and lighting effects by Matt Allen.

I redid most textures, especially on the Enterprise in Vue Infinate. Weapons, explosion, planets, and the scene all in Vue Infinate.

You all are so talented, I hope I can measure up!!


  • lexington1709lexington1709337 Posts: 24Member
    You may want to open a WIP thread and work on texturing the ship. If needed, PM me and I can help you get started.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]10 Posts: 4,002Member
    Again a good concept..nice color and style.

    Do you still have Faith?


    "But I still have Hope"
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]10 Posts: 4,002Member
    I was actually trying out the textures from AsileFX the Hull Textures. There are some very nice textures, but I am still learning Vue Infinate and I am sure there is a better way of applying them. I know this is not as good as you all are used to seeing, but I love Star Trek, and am starting to love 3d so this was my first attempt :D
  • kuckuk333kuckuk333178 Posts: 209Member
    i agree with cafe 5: nice concept, but could be done better. But u don't have to appologize for your pic's quality. as u said: you're still learning, so keep it up
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]10 Posts: 4,002Member
    I appreciate all of the comments here, good and bad. What do you all do your Star Trek art in? 3ds Max? I know I dont have to apologize heheh but, I just respect all of the art here and I have a goal to be as wonderful as you all are :)
  • Enterprise-EEnterprise-E0 Posts: 0Member
    Many artists here use 3DS MAX or LightWave. Both are quite good. If You cannot get any of them, You can try free alternatives, such as Wings3D or Blender.
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