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External TutorialPlanetary Rings in Lightwave

gpdesignergpdesigner187 MontrealPosts: 312Member
edited March 2007 in Tutorials #1
Hello Lightwavers,
I made this tutorial a while back and posted it on LWG forum,
but seeing how I am making this my new home I want to put the link here.
Try the tute, if you use it let me know I would like to see the work.
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  • fluxfirefluxfire181 Posts: 604Member
    I think i will use that on a planet or 2 when i do some animation
  • gpdesignergpdesigner187 MontrealPosts: 312Member
    Awesomeness . . . I would like to see what you come up with PM me incase I miss the thread. good luck with the project . . .
    lw rocks
  • JeffrySGJeffrySG321 Posts: 477Member
    That looks very cool GP! If I end up using it for anything I'll let you know! Thanks for sharing that with us here!
  • AcemanAceman337 Posts: 269Member
    Thanks for posting the tutorial and supporting our community!

  • gpdesignergpdesigner187 MontrealPosts: 312Member
    Thanks gentalmen, at first I didn't think anyone was trying the tutorial as I posted it almost a year ago . . . but if it helps someone even in the smallest bit . . it was worth it . . .
  • fluxfirefluxfire181 Posts: 604Member
    Well i plan on using this for a fighter fight scene in a video i plan on making in the future.

    at first I didn't think anyone was trying the tutorial as I posted it almost a year ago

    Had i had LW a yr ago i would have used it then too ;)
  • ArmondikovArmondikov0 Posts: 0Member
    If by chance you came to this page by way of an outside link, You can find the first part of this Tutorial . . . . HERE
    If only all tutorials and web pages had such useful things on them. Nice touch :P

    Anyway, I'm trying it now. You mention cleaning the edges up manuallly, but you can get a cleaner edge by using a cylinder and booleaning them away, if you want a rougher edge you could use the Jitter tool to re-randomise it, or just change the size of the cylinder you use to boolean the points.

    And of course, rather than repeat the steps to make a second ring(or third, fourth etc), you can just copy and paste, and use resizing tools with radial falloff to fine tune.

    EDIT: Tried it and got this. The planet comes from another tutorial but I've completely forgot where. The next step to make it better, it to make more rings with more points in each, and vary the base colour and density across them.

    EDIT2: You can set the basic colour of the hypervoxel surface to a gradient with the parament "distance from" and set it as your central planet (or even the rings since the pivot point should be in the middle). The picture is an extreme and not well thought out version

    (apologies if this counts as hi-jacking)
  • gpdesignergpdesigner187 MontrealPosts: 312Member
    :( :( *sniffle* that looks so pretty . . . . :D

    No hi-jack at all Armondikov . . . glad to see someone having fun. No probs man . .
    like I said in the tute, what I did was a basic concept so long as people understood the basics, they could modify procedures at will.
    @ fluxfire . . . Can't wait to see the video . . . :D
  • gmd3dgmd3d224 DublinPosts: 120Member
    cool .. while i have only experimented with hypervoxels can you give them a shine or refections to catch the sun etc ..
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  • gpdesignergpdesigner187 MontrealPosts: 312Member
    Hey Taranis . . . .
    love your avatar dude . . . :D :thumb:
    I was looking at those pictures just the other day . . . . and if you notice, that's where the idea for a lot of cg ship came from, esspecially Serenity.

    p.s. fix your signature link
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