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Local Tutorialwarpnacelle tutorial

psychopsycho0 Posts: 0Member
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some of you asked me how i achieved the lighting effect on the warpnacelles of my runabout, so i decided to write this tutorial.

this tutorial is NOT about how to model a warpnacelle, it's only about how to setup a lighting effect close to physical models!

chapter 1 is done (danube-style warpgrilles), chapter 2 (galaxy-style warpgrilles) and chapter 3 (bussard-collectors) will be coming soon. when they're all done, i will post'em as one complete pdf ;)

this is done in max, but i'm sure it can easily be used in other apps, too.
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  • MelakMelak332 Posts: 0Member
    Hey, that's a really nice tutorial! The result looks quite nice...though a question:
    The little boxes (the grille) seem to be pretty big with little vertical space between them, but in the final image they barely show as very thin darker that due to compositing in PS ?
    Thanks for sharing this technique, I'm curious how you'll do the grille on the galaxy nacelle...booleans, Splines?
  • psychopsycho0 Posts: 0Member
    that's because i just slapped something together for the tutorial... on my runabout the boxes are a bit smaller and less dense... but if you look at the voyager nacelle, you'll see that this high density isn't non-canon, and i bet you can get the same result with this density, you just have to play around with the settings in photoshop ;)

    btw., should i add an extra chapter dealing with making the glow in ps?
  • ravellsravells0 Posts: 0Member
    That is a superb tutorial! Thank you!

    Yes please! To making a tutorial in the post work...I suspect that's where the magic really happens!

  • jay-mojay-mo0 Posts: 0Member
    Bump! Excelent job. Nacell glow looks great, downloading your tut now, thanks. Any updates?
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