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Self Promotion Forum Information

GuerrillaGuerrilla471 HelsinkiPosts: 2,621Administrator

Welcome to the Self Promotion forum!

This forum is for promoting your content creation endeavours on other platforms. If you stream, have a neat youtube channel or a cool podcast, make a thread for it here.

A couple of rules though:

Stay on topic
SFM is mainly a scifi 3d art site, so whatever project you promote here, should have something to do with science fiction, 3d or art.

Don't spam
One thread per project is enough. If you, for example, stream on multiple platforms and then post the videos somewhere one thread is enough for all of that. Also, don't bump threads. Posting about new content is fine, but bumping threads just to get them on top will get them removed.

On a related note,
Be part of the community
This forum is not for free advertising. It is for promoting and elevating the work of our community members, which means that you should be a part of the community, either on this site or the scene at large, before dumping a bunch of link to whatever you happen to be offering.

Follow the community guidelines
We don't want to police you on the Internet at large, but if your work elsewhere severely goes against our community guidelines here, we reserve the right to remove any promotional threads.
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