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Release Forum Information

GuerrillaGuerrilla532 HelsinkiPosts: 2,736Administrator

Welcome to the Releases Forum!

This is where you can release your hard work to the community.

Use the prefixes
There are currently prefixes for Paid Models, Paid Materials, Paid Tutorials, Paid Game Assets, Paid Tools, Free Models, Free Materials, Free Game Assets and Free Tools. Paid releases are things you want money for, while free stuff is obviously available for free. If you need more prefixes, you can request them in the Support forum.

Free Tutorials?
There is no prefix for Free Tutorials, because you should post them in the Tutorials Forum.

Game Assets?
Pretty much anything can be a 'game asset', but in this case, we are referring to assets that essentially ready to be dropped in engine (remember to specify which one).

Only post things you have made
Don't post anyone else's stuff, or links to cool things you've found online. If you're doing a conversion of someone's model, get a permission beforehand.

Paid things
You should set up a store and link to it. SFM does not currently have any functionality in place for handling any kind of transactions. SFM can also accept no liability on any transactions. Any transactions are solely between the author and the buyer.

Free things
Small things can be attached to posts. We ask that you host bigger things yourself, or get in touch with staff to arrange hosting on our server. If your free resource requires users to register for an account or a mailing list or something similar, that is fine, but you need to disclose it in the posting.

Include an image
Including an image will generate a thread thumbnail on the forum index. The forum grabs the first image of any given thread. It will work with img tags and attachments. That's just good advertising.
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