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AnimationStar Trek IV: Resurrection

tnpir4002tnpir4002418 Posts: 1,277Member
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Hi all,

Wow, it's been a while, hasn't it? I can't believe my old account still works. After an eight-year hiatus from filmmaking, I'm back with a third entry in the Specter series, this time with an entry that's both sequel and prequel to my original trilogy. I've been looking around for fresh assets and I'm sadly realizing just how many of our old resources are out of commission, but I still have pretty much everything from the original trilogy (including things that I didn't use), so plenty of material to choose from.

I've been at Resurrection for a couple of months now, so far there are only four scenes, but worth a look if you're interested:

At present I'm re-building the Stage 9 corridors (I had planned to just re-use the old sets but they don't stand up to HD resolution I'm afraid), so I'm going to have to re-build pretty much everything. Thankfully RedGeneral has a bunch of blueprints in his collection that we didn't have back in the day, so I can now make them a lot more accurate. For the parts of the Stage 9 corridor set that we have blueprints for, my replica is accurate to within a half-inch, and I'm excited to finish that up so I can get back to making scenes.

Meantime, how has everyone been? I think it's been about a decade since I was here last (back when we had downloads available). Hope life is treating everyone well!
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  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804256 Posts: 11,034Member
    It's good to see you back around. I remember your films from back in the day. In fact, odd as it sounds, I actually thought about them not too long ago. I was thinking about how daunting of a task it would be to do an animated film all by myself, then I remembered your films and how that's what you did. It's good to see you're working on another one. :)
  • tnpir4002tnpir4002418 Posts: 1,277Member
    Good to see you're still here! I just looked around and saw how many familiar users are still active, you Deif, Lennier, always good to see familiar names! First time logging back in since 2011 I think...and man does that ever feel like a lifetime ago. In any case glad you remember the good old days! I swore after my third one I was done, but then inspiration struck a few months ago and I decided to give it one more go.

    It's definitely a daunting prospect...I've still got all the assets from back in the day but trying to remember where everything was posed a challenge...unlike riding a bike it does NOT come back naturally! It's a pretty big task this time around, I'm going to re-build most if not all of the TNG sets I did since they're wildly out of proportion and don't hold up to HD resolution in any case. It feels like doing my very first one all over again!
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804256 Posts: 11,034Member
    I've had stretches of inactivity in this place myself, usually due to lack of motivation to do CGI. Like you, the inspiration seems to have found me again. :)

    I can only imagine the amount of work that goes into a project like this. As you said, going from lower resolution to HD really puts things into perspective as far as your models and textures go. I know models and textures I made 12+ years ago definitely wouldn't hold up now, so I get where you're coming from on that one.
  • tnpir4002tnpir4002418 Posts: 1,277Member

    Hopefully @commandersozo sees this, but I wanted to share a glimpse at one of the new/old sets I'm building for Resurrection. I was never entirely happy with how my Stage 9 corridor complex came out way back when, but I also never wanted to take the time to rebuild it properly. But that was before I started producing at HD resolution...and sad to say the old set doesn't hold up. (The Voyager bridge does, thankfully.)

    So this is the WIP of the new corridor complex. This was completely rebuilt entirely from scratch, combining the same soundstage layouts from Pat Suwalski's site that I used before with some brand-new blueprints courtesy Red General (who was gracious enough to double check my measurements in a few places--FYI the corridor doors on the TNG set were all 84 inches tall; you're welcome). The side corridor leading to the turbolift is accurate down to the half-inch, and I extrapolated from there to get the main corridor. In this shot, the carpet is still a work in progress, and the corridor leading the other way to Engineering isn't done yet...but still, already I'm VERY pleased with how this is coming along. Sozo's LCARS graphic on the companel is just the icing on the cake.

    I'm just excited to be able to shoot this set from any angle I want. The first time I rushed and cut corners and had to be VERY careful which shots I took, lest the set's flaws be laid bare...this time I invested real time and TLC to make it perfect, and I'll have complete freedom to show whatever angle I want.

    Naturally this does mean redoing all the other Stage 9 sets too (and that'll be followed by all the Stage 8 sets), but in the end I think it'll be worth it.
  • commandersozocommandersozo492 Posts: 628Member
    absolute awesome work here, tnpir4002! as you see, i saw this corridor. thnx for the flowers concerning my LCARS grapic work. i'm always happy, if i could help someone and i's a honor, that you used this grapic in your creative work.
  • tnpir4002tnpir4002418 Posts: 1,277Member

    Between Alexander over at LCARS GFX and @commandersozo Resurrection so far has all the visual punch (and then some) of the previous trilogy combined. Alexander did the MSD graphic on the big companel, and Commandersozo did the VOY-style graphic on the smaller one. The LCARS there is just a placeholder for now; I'm working on a version of it with TNG colors to go with the larger one.

    A draft of scene 5 (with incomplete renders and lacking LCARS on the smaller companel) is up if you're interested:
  • tnpir4002tnpir4002418 Posts: 1,277Member
    New version of scene 5 is up, with full renders and a LOT of polish compared to the original version:

    Still not quite perfect but MUCH closer to what I was envisioning.
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