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3DR-Type style Fightercraft design

With me tired and my brain full of snot, I wanted to try and quickly bash together something before sleep, and I ended up with this sort of R-Type-ish design concept. I'll continue to work on it when my brain is less mushy.


  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1802437 Posts: 10,224Member
    That's pretty cool so far. I love R-Type. :)
  • JESJES167 Posts: 101Member
    I know that this is only in its earliest stages, but thanks for sharing! I love R-Type, and if I ever get a Switch, I'm getting Final II!

    I'm guessing the two plates serve as more than ordinary armor (probably isn't going to last long against the Bydo anyways)? Perhaps part of the Wave Cannon's assembly, or specialized Bits?

    God, I love this site!

    Okay, back to work on my own model! It's not going to make itself after all (boy, wouldn't that be convenient!).
  • publiusrpubliusr415 Posts: 1,570Member
    I see Ori fighter.
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