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3DWIP - PIMB - A game asset mashup story

Projinf3DProjinf3D2 Posts: 4Member
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Hey all.. so I've been working on this project randomly like forever too long now, so I figured I might as well start showcasing any W.I.P. milestones I have achieved so far! :D ... Below is a screen capture of the appropriately titled 'Tropical Island Crash' scene playing along in 3ds Max.. Excuse the chunky framerate as there are a few poly's in there & that's not even including all the palm trees & grass for the final render!...

The capture really doesn't give the scene justice as it looks rather primitive & raw, though the renders below gives you an idea on what the end result will be.. I'm utilising a lot of low poly models for my scenes.. not just for maximising PC resource efficiency but I kinda like the jolted edge look as it seems to give off a style of its own...


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