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3DStar Wars Gladiator Star Destroyer environment/animation



  • xiaorobearxiaorobear356 Posts: 123Member
    Had some delays over the weekend, but finally finished the Zeta shuttle! In these renders I accidentally had the head turrets hidden. One of my best yet but the level of detail/accuracy in the texture took much longer than I had originally planned.

  • wibblewibble458 GermanyPosts: 269Member
    Simply beautiful. It sure was worth the wait.
  • xiaorobearxiaorobear356 Posts: 123Member
    Thank you very much! Here are some more renders, comparing it with the lambda.

  • ashleytingerashleytinger951 Central OhioPosts: 873Member
    I love that the shuttle looks like a sea turtle with it's wings down. Really nice job with it!
  • xiaorobearxiaorobear356 Posts: 123Member
    edited June 17 #36
    Okay, rare mid-week update time: I'm also making a Z-95 Headhunter.


    The Z95 was a Legends ship originally billed as the precursor to the X-wing by the same manufacturer, and now there are multiple very different-looking official designs. I'm basing mine on the slightly ugly one from the 3D Clone Wars show, but as if it was now 10-20 years old retrofitted by pirates, so I can change some of the things I didn't like about that version, and include a few nods to the Legends design (which was also kind of ugly). I'm also going to try to do some asymmetrical panel damage and try to give it a bit of that used original trilogy look. Maybe its inclusion will appeal to prequel/Clone Wars fans.

    For this current animation its role will just be to drop out of hyperspace, see that there's a star destroyer in orbit, and then turn around and leave. But if I do a followup space battle, this will be a good model to have that could be used by any non-Empire faction.
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  • wibblewibble458 GermanyPosts: 269Member
    Never was a fan of the Z95. But I am curious what you will do with it.
  • xiaorobearxiaorobear356 Posts: 123Member
    edited June 29 #38
    Bit busy IRL, sorry for temporarily slower updates!

    For now I just have a little hull plate baking test. I'm not sure if I want to detail the star destroyer hull with a low poly parts library that have baked textures, or use trim sheet textures. I might try to do a turret with a trim sheet approach and see how it looks.


    (In this test, the left modeled one is 2400 tris, the middle is 2 tris, the right is 40 tris. And then I will use the modeled level of detail for any closeups near windows or railings or whatever.)
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