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3DAmbassador-class Variant

new_purplenew_purple110 Posts: 57Member
I've talked a lot about this one in the WIP forums, so I'll try to be brief here.

USS Silverado is the main ship from a comedy fan-fic series over on the Star Traks Nexus and Corner Grocery Store. First described in early stories as a very old Ambassador-class badly in need of refurbishment, the ship undergoes multiple refits over the course of the series. Because she keeps getting banged up, crashed, attacked by alien Quality Assurance fleets, etc.

Although this model started with the intent of very closely following the canon, on-screen Ambassador, that idea ended after I experimented with the angled nacelles. After that I figured 'Forget canon, this ship has been shot up and rebuilt so many times, I can get away with whatever, right?'. So I wound up doing a number of adjustments, including:
  • Curving the front of the 'neck' and adding in torpedo tubes
  • Re-doing the aft shuttlebay to something closer to TMP
  • Beefing up the impulse engines, and splitting from one engine outlet to two.
  • Larger bridge module with conference and ready rooms.
  • Two rows of windows on the saucer almost every other ship!
  • Reworked the navigational deflector to try to hit the middle-ground between Excelsior and Galaxy
  • Minor details like thruster assemblies, transporter emitters, airlocks and phaser strips. Mostly on the secondary hull

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