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3DDestructible Realtime Miranda-Class

xiaorobearxiaorobear206 Posts: 92Member
I need an adversary for my still ongoing Klingon Bird of Prey, and also wanted to test out some Federation textures and destructibility. What ship fits the bill better than a Miranda-class? So I have made a ~19,000 tris Miranda model that I would like to animate to be destroyed.
(smoother / higher quality turntable here:

My next steps for this are:
  • UV map the model
  • Texture a clean version and a burnt up version, set up a mask to blend between the 2.
  • Possibly model some mangled structural pieces to put on edges if I delete any parts.
  • Animate an exploding test with stock explosions comped in
  • Possibly put it in a game engine and allow you to shoot at and reveal the damaged sections before it explodes?




  • xiaorobearxiaorobear206 Posts: 92Member
    Unwrapped and started in on the markings and major hull lines. No roughness maps or aztecking yet, I just want to get all the features in the right place in PS. Afterwards I'll take it into Substance Painter to go for realism.

  • Rusty0918Rusty0918250 Posts: 440Member
    Where did the name come from?
  • xiaorobearxiaorobear206 Posts: 92Member
    Rusty0918 wrote: »
    Where did the name come from?

    Named after a 15th century Sultan/astronomer/mathematician who built observatories and islamic schools in what is now Uzbekistan. wiki link, seemed fitting for a starfleet ship. The number was just an unused one close to some other Mirandas.

    Testing out some emission...
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