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3DDark Legion hoppers

Hi all,
Been away for years but have still been modelling away, have lots of new stuff actually finished for once. My main drive for the last few years has been various types of hoppers, drop ships and tac-fighters for my own imagined Dark Legion world. I thought Foreign Legion in space would be a nice change from Marines... Anyway, imagine tech level similar to Aliens / Starship Troopers / Rogue Trooper and you know where I'm coming from. I'm up to about 25 different ships at this stage so I thought I might post a few. This is a gunship hopper called a Marauder. It has some inspiration from the Rogue Trooper strip from 1982 of the same name. Carrys troops and weapons and is a general purpose type ship. What the BSG Raptor could have been :)9f637bufx2xf.jpg


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    Very Cool!
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    I like it, very Starship Trooperish. Could fit in Halo too, one of the independent colonies.
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