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ModelingHull plating in Blender

So, I've seen several of the tutorials on here and around on YouTube dealing in how to cut hull plates by hand, but they are mostly geared towards Maya. Does anybody have some tips or advice on doing hull plating by hand in Blender? I'm concerned about using the knife tool because it ends up messing with the topology if not done correctly (...and I'm still figuring out what "correctly" entails exactly.) One method I've found *kinda* works for me so far is to us the shapes edges, bevel them very slightly to expand the area, and the extrude them along their normals into the interior of the hull. This has produced mixed results that look decent on the exterior, but has produced some headaches in terms of needing to cleanup the model afterwards. I've seen some comments by modelers on here who say they use booleans, which I've had some success with, but isn't quite giving me the results I'm looking for.

Any thoughts on the subject are welcome and will be greatly appreicated!
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