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3DStarbase Waystation

new_purplenew_purple25 Posts: 5Member
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Original did a model of this with Max years ago for a friend's website...the station is the setting for a fan-fic series called "Star Traks: Waystation".

Started playing with Blender during the pandemic, decided to do an updated version. Trying to keep details short, the stations started with a pair of used Ambassador-class saucers, which were expanded outwards, renovated, and in one case flipped upside down. So if you're thinking the overall shape of the saucers looks familiar, that's why.

The upper saucer is cargo & docking facilities and commercial areas. The lower saucer is living quarters and such. There are of course a lot more details in the stories, and the author and I went back and forth a lot about the design both with the old Max mesh and with this one.


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  • publiusrpubliusr286 Posts: 1,403Member
    I love it!
  • new_purplenew_purple25 Posts: 5Member
    publiusr wrote: »
    I love it!

    Thank you! :)
  • bill50bill501 Posts: 1Member
    Is it possible to download this mesh? - for personal use -
    I'm writing a 3D version of the (very old) text based super star trek game
    Is it for sale?

    Anyway - its a very nice model.

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