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3DLooking for more sets of eyes

[Irishman][Irishman]177 Posts: 117Member
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I'm trying some new materials for my take on the Botany Bay.

I'm looking for Focused Critiques here:

Does she look ancient enough? And, if not, how can I improve that sense?
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  • count23count23359 Posts: 777Member
    the ship looks a bit too clean for an old beat up ship. But you have a good start.

    You've got a start on the roughness, but a few bits of advice on where to take this further:
    • Read up on "tertiary details", this will help you better establish a sense of scale on the ship.
    • You also need to look at adding meteor impacts and slight deformations to the hull, this will give the impression that the ship has been repeatedly hit by tiny debris in the time it's been drifting through space, small golf ball and smaller sized particles zip through the void and at high speed do damage, in 200 years of travel the ship would have multiple impacts along it's surface line.
    • The ship is lacking windows and other smaller surface details, so it makes it look very low poly at this time. adding these as wel las putting small bevels onto major shape changes will improve the look of the ship.
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  • Warp Propulsion LaboratoryWarp Propulsion Laboratory906 BrooklynPosts: 316Member
    I agree with the count. It's a good start, but the weathering is too uniform. Try painting streaks on it like on the TOS Enterprise. Also an AO dirt map will add another dimension of weathering as well as make the paneling stand out. Looking forward to more!
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