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STAR TREK: Coordinates and Positions

Kmpr´rakKmpr´rak171 Posts: 12Member
1. Introduction
It has been a while I posted some artwork here, but for more than a year I am working on a project many people are interested in and have also searched for possible solutions: coordinates for Star Trek planets and locations.

One major point was always the base for possible calculations and determinations. While many preferred the STAR TREK MAPS and the given coordinates there, a lot of people were fascinated by the STAR TREK CHARTS after its publishing. Well, me too, but I always wondered how there could be a connection between both?

It was a disappointment first as I was not able to define how the calculations were done for the MAPS. Yes, there were formulas and explaining texts, but how the creators and authors calculated exactly remained a mystery. And aside the cool graphics, the CHARTS did not provide any coordinates! But a fascinating method to break down a sector number, whereas I have to say that I do not use this system, but created one based on it. Well, and it works.

And yes, I have developed a method to combine MAPS and CHARTS. How? I would like to explain and show you in this thread if you want, in the end the start was easy, the following, well, not so easy at all.

But how do we start?

Easy. With Earth.
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