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Star Wars Battlefront II Ship Models in Blender

Hey all, I have given up on trying to learn Element 3D in After Effects to try to learn Blender. I have version 2.83 and have been spending all of my time trying to get started with some Star Wars Battlefront II ship models, but it hasn't worked out. I have gone through a lot of beginner tutorials on YouTube, but nothing points to how to get these Star Wars ship models to work. Everything else I see already has a nice model on screen before they start any type of tutorial.

Let's take an X-Wing, TIE Fighter or Star Destroyer as and example. There are tons of different FBX model pieces for each ship. Some are damaged, some are not. I am not sure how to pick the correct pieces to put just a plain ship together. Also, there are also lots of different TGA files and I think they are the textures and I would need to use the nodes to connect them, but I am not sure there either. I am not sure how to choose the correct TGA files for the parts. Can anyone help me at least get a plain textured model on the screen so I can at least attempt to start learning? I guess it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks after all. Thanks!
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