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2DMSD. Pro. waitingstage: Zodiac Class

MikkiKashiwagiMikkiKashiwagi99 StuttgartPosts: 47Member
edited December 2022 in Work in Progress #1
My next project started:
ASDB-61108: Zodiac Class MK-I [Creator: Charles Foran]
Staship Kitbash Design found.. a wonderful creation for the TNG Starship-line..!!
The realistic successor for the Constellation class..!!
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  • scifiericscifieric1068 Posts: 1,440Member
  • japetusjapetus2619 SeattlePosts: 1,346Member
    OOh would love to see more views of this!
  • count23count23344 Posts: 759Member
    I've always liked that design, the only issue i had was the "melty" look of the saucer to the hull, it'll be interesting to see how to go with yours.
    Formerly Nadesico.

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  • srspicersrspicer350 Posts: 305Member
    need to see pics!! :)
  • MikkiKashiwagiMikkiKashiwagi99 StuttgartPosts: 47Member
    ASDB-61108: Zodiac Class MK-I [Creator: Charles Foran]
    Starship Modeller Gallery Link:
  • publiusrpubliusr415 Posts: 1,570Member
    That is a great site
  • TrekMDTrekMD192 Posts: 639Member
  • JESJES162 Posts: 99Member
    I know that you've had some complaints regarding the placement of the main deflector, but I think it looks good, ESPECIALLY for a kit bash. It makes the design have a smaller, more compact profile, which matches with her stated mission profile.

    It also kind of looks like a predecessor to the arrangement used for the Intrepid class, and it blends in rather nicely.
  • BarricadeBarricade198 Posts: 179Member
    Keep the deflector 'bulbous bow' where it is. But fill in that 'thin' part of the hull behind it via stretching the deflector section further towards the aft and have it as an underslung main shuttle bay.
  • count23count23344 Posts: 759Member
    My version was to go a bit closer to how the Challenger class from the BOBW fleet did it. Merge the hull into the saucer near the main shuttlebay, and just no deflector at all, not every ship needs one.
    Formerly Nadesico.

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  • srspicersrspicer350 Posts: 305Member
    Looks nice!
  • thesonofodinthesonofodin1 Posts: 1New Member
    She reminds me of the Sasser class done by Jackill. Very nice design.
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