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FANGsFANGs372 Posts: 78Member
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Hello there!
Recently I started with my own idea of an alternative line of the starships Enterprise. First I modelled my take on the original 1701. As you see, I borrowed some elements of the refit model. Many thanks to Hunter G and Viper for your inspiration! tBxsYh0.jpg

Some parts of the model already need to be redone. For example the size of the windows needs to be smaller. Unfortunately I only realised it after rendering the whole model from afar. 8gr8j72.jpg

Other elements which are still to build are: the bigger "Pike Era Deflector", "Kirk Era Deflector", "Phase II Deflector", "Refit Deflector" etc.
I plan on using the mainhull and saucer until the time of Star Trek III, only exchanging modules like Deflectors, Bridge module (Imagine the process from the Kelvinverses Ent-A assembly sequence), Nacelles, Impulse Thrusters...

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  • Mustang13Camaro68Mustang13Camaro6899 DetroitPosts: 73Member
    Give us a closeup of the impulse engine. Is that a central rear torpedo launcher?
  • FANGsFANGs372 Posts: 78Member
    In fact, it's a docking port. After the 2270s refit, the docking access would be switched to the new bridge module, while the impulse engine would be expanded.
  • RekkertRekkert2432 Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPosts: 2,128Member
    I like it very much, and your idea for swapping modules rather than a whole refit makes sense, and would explain the five hundred different variants of the Constitution-Class in canon.
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  • FANGsFANGs372 Posts: 78Member
    Here's the new bridge module with resized windows.

  • Hunter GHunter G469 Posts: 382Member
    This looks good! I like the proportions, and the refit style details
  • FANGsFANGs372 Posts: 78Member
    Thanks to you! I have modelled a new module for the ship: the Phase II Nacelles.
    Now I wonder if the pylons just look weird with it, or is it just too unfamiliar to me.

    What do you say? I already made the pylons a crossover between TOS and refit, but I think I could swap them back a little bit more.

    Or... should I treat the Pylons as modular too? Different Pylons for different Nacelles? The connection point at the Mainhull would be the same then.

    Don't forget, the Mainhull will be the same until its end above Genesis! Only some modules will be swapped
  • RekkertRekkert2432 Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPosts: 2,128Member
    It would be logical that different nacelles with different rates of plasma flow would require different plasma conduit sizes, and thus pylons would need to be bigger or smaller depending on those; thus I would agree on different pylons per nacelles. Perhaps just the blob where the pylon connects to the hull would remain the same.
    For my finished Trek bridges and other works of mine, visit my portfolio
    Feel free to contact me if you're interested in commissions!​
  • FANGsFANGs372 Posts: 78Member
    I did a test render with some materials to have some fun with the lighting setup. On the refit studio model, I discovered the neck spots as well as the Nacelle spots, which light the neck and the mainhull, so I tried to transfer this system to the TOS Era Enterprise.
    Of course it's a really dark image, as I reduced the environment lighting to the minimum, and i fear, on some monitors it will be too dark.

    And I am still searching for a good material for the Bussard caps, like frosted glass. As you see, I still don't get it right. I want the light inside to be very blurred and instead it is a good visible sphere. Maybe some of you are working with Corona Renderer as well and can point me to the right tutorial?

  • halhal192 Posts: 157Member
    Not to sure about Corona Renderer but you should be able to increase the roughness on your transparent material. This will then give you a frosted look.

    Nice work by the way.
  • publiusrpubliusr286 Posts: 1,403Member
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    I am very glad to see folks doing their own take on TOS Enterprises.

    Something to look at:

    Now take a look at the saucer of the top ship on page 4 there. It is wider than on Kerr's Production drawing--to match the refit.
    Now, I don't like the refit hull for TOS, as it is a real porker there.

    But put that saucer on a longer secondary hull, as here
    and here:

    That has never been done. A wider TOS saucer, and the deep chest Franz Joseph secondary hull.

    I think you would find that most elegant.

    I'd like to see a slavish version of this later on

    Lastly. It might be nice to see the gangway hatch not on the saucer--but on the secondary hull, right behind the deflector dish where the side of the cigar hull is flat--there in the two boxy strakes that move forward to the dish. That hasn't been done either.
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  • FANGsFANGs372 Posts: 78Member
    Wow, thanks for the replies!
    @hal: I think I've got it! In Corona material, the Translucency seems to do the job! Let's wait for the next render ( First I have to model a bit on the geometry, the Nacelles are still in a rough stage, but further work on materials is right around the corner!)

    @publiusr hey thanks! This PDF is gold! I have already thought of redoing the mainhull with a little bit of the Franz Joseph belly! maybe a second version later ;-).
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