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2DASDB: Nebula Class MK-I [Orig. TNG]

MikkiKashiwagiMikkiKashiwagi6 StuttgartPosts: 9Member
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  • MikkiKashiwagiMikkiKashiwagi6 StuttgartPosts: 9Member
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    ASDB-60147.101 U.S.S. NEBULA
    This is my longterm creation for a starship MSD: Original design for The Next Generation Television Series..!! First seen as USS PHOENIX NCC-65420..!! ......Graphic update - new version with better resolution..!!
    Creations of original size:
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  • DannageDannage209 Posts: 633Member
    Looks like you're off to a good start. :)
    Am I right in thinking that the Pheonix had the sucky AWACS sensor pallette though? Are you going to pitch for that, cos it looks like you have the far superior one in there already. =)
  • trekkitrekki456 Posts: 1,004Member
    Nice start. 👍
  • Mustang13Camaro68Mustang13Camaro6893 DetroitPosts: 69Member
    What are the twin angled blue lines with yellow dotted lines between them? Jefferies tubes perhaps?
  • MikkiKashiwagiMikkiKashiwagi6 StuttgartPosts: 9Member
  • MikkiKashiwagiMikkiKashiwagi6 StuttgartPosts: 9Member
    ASDB-60147.102 U.S.S. NEBULA
    Weekly Graphic update - new installations.. standard mission module & antimatter ejection cells.. and more..!!
    Creations of original size:
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