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Minor Update: Unsubscribe

GuerrillaGuerrilla781 HelsinkiPosts: 2,860Administrator
edited February 2021 in Site News #1

TLDR: Added option to unsubscibe from threads you've created or participated in in case you don't want notifications any more.

I tend to turn off notifications everywhere, and then add them back in as needed instead of having annoying little numbers in red circles tell me how to live my life. Basically, means I check things when I feel like I should instead of whenever they ping me (which tends to be a lot by default). Anyway, the nofication preferences in Vanilla were ok, but could be a little more granular. Like, you should be able to decide which notifications you want on a thread to thread basis instead of just picking an option for ones you created, ones you participated in and ones you bookmarked. Luckily someone recently came up a plugin that does just that. :)

So, now you can hit the little gear icon on any thread you're 'subscribed' to (so, created, participated in or bookmarked by default) and hit unsubscribe to stop receiving notifications for that particular thread. If you want to get notifications again at a later date, just hit resubscribe.

Need to change the settings for all notifications? You can do that in Notification Preferences as usual.
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