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3DCorvette Class Starship

LoopholeLoophole42 Posts: 59Member
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This is the third version of my Corvette class starship, a TOS-era Star Trek starship. The Corvette class is a small corvette (who would have guessed) meant for scouting missions and ferrying envoys and precious Federation cargo, and is capable of self-defense. It can carry out limited scientific missions but is not capable of extended deep-space missions due to its size.

This is just a rough concept model, but it's probably the best I'm going to do at my skill level, and better than anything I've done previously. It's got some horrid topology and lacks textures, but since this is a personal project more than anything I don't mind. Suggestions are welcome.

Full 3D view on my Artstation page:

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  • LoopholeLoophole42 Posts: 59Member
    It's come to my attention that the bloom filter on Sketchfab appears overwhelmingly bright on some monitors so I've decreased it.
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  • halhal192 Posts: 157Member
    Looking good, I really like the design. My only real crit is the bloom is still way to harsh and that you are using for to many lights, there ae shadows going in every direction. Try playing about with just one directional light then a low fill light.

    you've got some really interesting designs on you Artstation page.

    Keep up the good work.
  • LoopholeLoophole42 Posts: 59Member
    hal wrote: »
    Looking good, I really like the design. My only real crit is the bloom is still way to harsh

    On my monitor the bloom isn't too bad, but I've noticed it is on other monitors. I tried reducing it but I guess that hasn't helped much. I still don't get why it's not consistent.

    As for the shadows I'm unsure what you mean, the light seems to be coming from only one direction to me.
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  • halhal192 Posts: 157Member
    I hope you don't mind but I've marked up one of your renders. There is clearly a bright light, on the right, below the ship casting light up. This is lighting up the secondary hull. There is also a secondary light looking down from the left casting shadows across the saucer.


    If there aren't two lights, are you using a HDRI or a sky dome as well as your light?
  • LoopholeLoophole42 Posts: 59Member
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    Oh, now I understand. I was just using the default Sketchfab lighting. I guess I never noticed the two lights before, and it never bothered me. I think it's the result of the environment lighting I selected (you can't see the background because I have only a free membership). I've tried decreasing the intensity, hopefully that helps on the 3D viewer? Also, could you tell me if the bloom is any better on your monitor? If not I may have to disable it altogether.

    Edit: And, no I don't mind if you use my "renders", they're just Sketchfab screenshots haha.
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