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Blake 7-21 - Federation Interceptor

SphynxSphynx195 Posts: 461Member
Been a long, long while since I posted any WIP on here, but I finally have about three weeks free before my next major software development project, so I thought that I'd exercise a B7 redevelopment that I did some time ago (and in the process, seemingly completely relearn Blender from scratch since it is about four years since I did anything serious).

My designs for space vehicles always revolve around a realistic internal structure (as old SFM members will know) and the size of the engines needed to do what they are intended to do. In this case therefore, the Interceptor is far larger than the original idea (not that it was easy to really tell what size they were in any case).

Four interstellar-engines driven by high-output energy banks, wrapped around a central 'below decks' core also housing the military-grade fusion reactor that slow-charges the high-output energy banks (all that really just explains how energy-bank drainage and recharge seems to have played out in the original B7 scripts but never explained). Most crew activity is in the upper-fin. The command deck can just about be seen above the three forward facing sensor packs. This 'beak' like protrusion is about 4-5m high, so give the best indication of the ship size.

Everything is place-holder at present. I won't start any detailing till all of the fins are in place.

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