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3DTwo New Ships For My Book Covers

SeanPSeanP191 Posts: 248Member
I haven't posted anything or even visited these forums in quite a while. I just finished my fourth book and I am currently rewriting my first three books to improve them and apply what I have learned since writing them. As part of the rewrites I am working on new covers as well. To that end I created two new ships in 3D over the past few weeks. The original battle carrier is 1.5 miles long. The second generation battle carrier is twice the size at 3.0 miles long. The dreadnaught is 4.5 miles long. One thing I learned from making the original covers is don't overdo the detail on the 3D ships because it just doesn't show up. All it does is greatly increase the time it takes to render the final image. Here are a few images of the old and new ships together for comparison, without any special lighting, special effects, texture maps, or environment.



  • markmasseymarkmassey365 StaffordshirePosts: 466Member
    Wow to say there are a lot of guns on that dreadnaught is an understatement :D imagine you're going about your daily business.. you swing around a moon and get target locked by that beast.. your flight computer just says error....

    Welcome back tho ;) be interested to know more about the universe you've designed these for...
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