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3DThe Rodger Young



  • japetusjapetus1208 SeattlePosts: 1,112Member
    Calling this shot done or I'll never move on... first rendered frame and last test frame y0zu0ojg9tbo.jpg
  • CaptainJordanCaptainJordan171 Posts: 2Member
    Lovely stuff!
  • publiusrpubliusr275 Posts: 1,345Member
    Ever thought about doing a new ship in that style?
  • japetusjapetus1208 SeattlePosts: 1,112Member
    edited February 17 #155
    Need to fix a few things, but feeling good about it... thanks Howie Day for all the render help! I'd be waiting another week on renders if it wasnt for him! :)
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  • japetusjapetus1208 SeattlePosts: 1,112Member
    edited February 19 #156
    Went back to the drawing board with lighting and massively cleaned up my scene. I'm going more now for the essence, trying not to be so bound to the strange lighting in the movie. I have a new CPU rendering and denoising elements workflow and recomping in the worst of the noisy elements with denoised elements (reflection and GI) while keeping, hopefully, the color texture detail intact. Have been pretty happy with tests and now getting 2-3 minutes a frame...

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    ashleytingerMustang13Camaro68Warp Propulsion LaboratoryLizzy777ComcoMcC
  • japetusjapetus1208 SeattlePosts: 1,112Member
    edited February 25 #157
    Alrighty...just a thing or two more, but I'm feeling pretty good about this (and ready to move on to another shot when I have time. There are things you can always tweak

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  • japetusjapetus1208 SeattlePosts: 1,112Member
    Here's another WIP, a much easier shot now that the kinks are worked out of the ship in that area:

  • japetusjapetus1208 SeattlePosts: 1,112Member
    A final frame screenshot...
  • japetusjapetus1208 SeattlePosts: 1,112Member
    edited February 25 #160
    A little previz animation gif...

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  • ashleytingerashleytinger748 Central OhioPosts: 718Member
  • VALKYRIE013VALKYRIE013437 Posts: 1,433Member
    So much goodness!
  • japetusjapetus1208 SeattlePosts: 1,112Member
    Got another shot animated finally..was a tough one cuz of the weird angles and some specific beats I wanted to hit from the shot in the movie:


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