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Forum updates: Your data on SFM

GuerrillaGuerrilla781 HelsinkiPosts: 2,860Administrator

TLDR: You can now export your SFM user data from your profile in convenient CSV format

Your privacy is very important to us...

Just kidding! :p This isn't a generic GDPR or CCPA message announcing that we'll continue sending you newsletters or processing your data pretty much just as before, but with a little more necessary ass covering due to legislation. Actually, I suppose in a way it is... I added functionality for you to download most (I'll get back to that in a moment) of the information associated with your account here on SFM in convenient CSV format to do with what you please. You can access the functionality in Edit Profile.

There are a couple of fields that are omitted for security reasons (I don't want to give out password hashes for people to figure out, or detailed information on the database structure) or simply because they're not human readable in the database (IPs for example), but with those caveats in mind, generally everything you input you should be able to download and review, if you want. This has been possible ever since the migration, but until now required pretty significant manual effort. Deletion and alteration request still need to be mailed to [email protected] or just messaged to me on the forums.

I realize none of this is probably exciting or even particularly interesting, but I guess in the end I kind of do care about your data, and we really do try our best to be responsible adults with it. You can check out our Privacy Policy here, if you haven't in a while.
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    Sometimes the most trivial and insignificant places, can be a target for data breaches. This is not to say that this place is anywhere near insignificant or trivial, but more often than not, people tend to gravitate towards the big names for breaches, never considering that other places like this, are just as susceptible, so thanks for looking out for us!
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