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Free: ModelsStar Trek: The Final Frontier -era Parts Collection

seanrseanr457 Brooklyn, NYPosts: 372Member
edited August 2 in Releases #1
This is a conversion from trueSpace to Blender of one of my later trueSpace sets that contains most of the common parts used in the late movie era bridge sets. The materials are left as they imported, which basically means you're on your own there, but I believe they are all at least set to Principled BSDF. As always with my second- and now third-generation sets, this was built to real-world dimensions based on the best available reference materials (for example, a cylinder 18ft in radius and 6'8" in height with the bottom set at world origin will correctly align with the top edge of the turbolift doors.

This set is free to use for parts, but as always please credit Sean Robertson for parts used. I'd obviously prefer to see some effort put into things, not just reusing this as is or simply rearranging and rendering - make it worth the bandwidth and render times. The objects are all organized into nested collections as logically as I could manage so you should be able to use Blender's append function to pull in any individual collections from the hierarchy that you want into your own project.

Shaded solid:

Wireframe, x-ray enabled:

Zip attached. Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. To view a copy of this license, visit
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  • trekkitrekki377 Posts: 960Member
    Thanks for this object. Very nice.
    Can I still convert it to c4d?
  • seanrseanr457 Brooklyn, NYPosts: 372Member
    trekki wrote: »
    Thanks for this object. Very nice.
    Can I still convert it to c4d?
    Go for it. If you release it, use the same license I did and include proper attribution (and it cannot be for sale). That goes for anyone - my choice of that license was deliberate for this reason.
  • StarshipStarship243 São Paulo - BrasilPosts: 1,789Member
    Thank you Sean!
    Great object!
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