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3DInitiative Class Starship (Basic Concept)

LoopholeLoophole28 Posts: 38Member
edited July 21 in Finished Work #1
This is a rough concept model for a TOS-era starship. It took inspiration from the Detroyat class and the Ares class.

Link to full 3D view Sketchfab Model:





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May the day of the LORD come swiftly


  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801705 Posts: 9,856Member
    I like it. It's kind of a chunky thing, but with those sweeping nacelle pylons it kind of looks predatory too. I'll be really interested if you ever take this from a concept to a fully realized 3D model.
  • FreakFreak963 Posts: 4,148Member
    It an interesting looking ship. A little to chunky for me, but that just me.
  • LoopholeLoophole28 Posts: 38Member
    Its primary inspiration was the Detroyat Class, so I can see why you might say that.
    May the day of the LORD come swiftly
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