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foundation 3d off ?

trekkitrekki371 Posts: 942Member
Does anyone know anything?
foundation3d off?


  • count23count23205 Posts: 628Member
    It's been down for about a week, us folks in discord noticed the DNS was renewed, so someone's paying some of hte bills, but the forums are KIA.

    Hard to say, nothing was reported.
    Formerly Nadesico.
  • GuerrillaGuerrilla483 HelsinkiPosts: 2,647Administrator
    edited July 6 #3
    Domain was recently renewed, but looks like their DNS is not pointing anywhere, so they've essentially fallen off the internet. I think I read they're self hosting a physical server, so getting it back online might not be as straightforward as filling out a couple of DNS fields.

    [edit]: Looks like it went down sometime on or after June 17.
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    Comco: i entered it manually in the back end
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  • seanrseanr374 Brooklyn, NYPosts: 303Member
    Someone forgot to pay the electric bill? Also, who the f*** self-hosts on metal anymore? Seriously?!?
  • GuerrillaGuerrilla483 HelsinkiPosts: 2,647Administrator
    3D Gladiators had an update on this. Server move was interrupted by a medical emergency.

    Hope their server admin gets better soon.
    Comco: i entered it manually in the back end
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  • trekkitrekki371 Posts: 942Member
    Thanks for the information.
    Hopefully he will be better soon.
  • count23count23205 Posts: 628Member
    I hate to say it, but at this stage perhaps it would be better to close the site now. 3D art sites aren't exactly that high in traffic and being down for nearly a month is most likely a death knell. Such a pity too. F3D, despite having a x286 server, had some really good content.
    Formerly Nadesico.
  • LonewriterLonewriter229 Posts: 1,037Member
    I hope it comes back soon.
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