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3DUSS Voyager WIP

RidgeRidge47 Posts: 16Member
edited July 1 in Work in Progress #1
Hi all,

While, most of the modeling is done at this point, I still have some adjustments that still need to be done to the model, and almost none of the texturing has been done at this point. Everything has been made in Blender, and texturing and UV mapping will be more then likely done in Blender and GIMP (I'm open to suggestions though!). Feel free to share any feedback on whats been done so far. Also, if you can point me to any good videos, articles, forum threads, or posts involving texturing a star ships I would be very grateful (My texturing skills are weak).

Anyways, thanks for the help.



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Hunter GRekkertLizzy777Brandenbergevil_genius_180BolianAdmiralFreakwolfmanxiaorobearP5ych0p4thand 2 others.


  • Hunter GHunter G230 Posts: 343Member
    That's a fantastic model! I'm with you on the textures, I'm not well versed there. Can I ask how you did the grids/paneling?
  • RidgeRidge47 Posts: 16Member
    edited June 27 #3
    Thanks Hunter G! The paneling was painstakingly modeled lol. I started with a low poly base model, and started adding more detail and carefully placed loop cuts.


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  • RekkertRekkert1605 Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPosts: 1,931Member
    Wow, that... looks painful to do indeed haha. It's a beautiful looking mesh!
    For my finished Trek bridges and other works of mine, visit my portfolio
    Feel free to contact me if you're interested in commissions!​
  • BrandenbergBrandenberg1215 CaliforniaPosts: 1,659Member
    Ridge wrote: »
    Also, if you can point me to any good videos, articles, forum threads, or posts involving texturing a star ships I would be very grateful (My texturing skills are weak).
    Anyone who can do THAT level of work on Voyager (or any other ship for that matter) is not weak. Congratulations on a great mesh.

  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801488 Posts: 9,714Member
    That's some truly fantastic work. The only nitpick I have is the text on the hull, it's not in the font used on post TOS and pre 2009 Starfleet ships. For a more correct font, you may want to check out this one:

    It's a True Type font, so it should work fine in Blender.
  • BolianAdmiralBolianAdmiral332 Torrance, CaliforniaPosts: 1,773Member
    Very nice model! I love that you made the landing gear!
  • FreakFreak943 Posts: 4,099Member
    That is a great looking Voyager.
  • count23count23204 Posts: 622Member
    Looks great. If you want some help texturing, jump on the discord, there's a few "I've made a Voyager" folks on there who can probably guide you on the texturing side of things.
    Formerly Nadesico.
  • DeksDeks187 Posts: 252Member
    Excellent modelling job.
    However, the CGI model of Voyager (the one used on the TV show) had saucer phaser strips on the side being rather even (not going from lower position to a higher one except perhaps in a very minor way), and the front section of the strips were curved a bit towards the bottom.


    Although I can definitely understand the challenge behind matching things to that degree... often, mesh geometry visually matches the schematics, but something else is a bit off.

    Its a minor thing really, but if you can adjust it...

    Otherwise, your mesh is definitely of much higher quality than the CGI model used for the show.
  • RidgeRidge47 Posts: 16Member
    edited July 1 #11

    First off, thanks everyone for your encouragement and feed back! Keep the suggestions coming!

    Rekkert, Thanks man!

    Brandenberg, Thanks for the confidence in me, we shall see how the texturing goes. Starting to dip my toes into it lol.

    evil_genius_180, That's super cool! I didn't know those fonts were out on the web and thanks for the info!

    BolianAdmiral, they are just a placeholder atm. Going to model them off this reference image.


    Freak, Thank you!!!

    count23. I didn't know discord had anything like that. I've only used discord sometimes for audio in some game chats. So, I don't know it well. Could you send me a link to what your talking about?

    Deks, thanks for the constructive feed back! Yeah, the reference images don't always match from view to view. With that said I totally re-modeled the phaser arrays, and tried to match the reference a bit more.

    Okay, I fixed some proportion problems with the warp nacelles, and under the saucer section. Totally re-modeled the phaser arrays. Added more detail around the secondary deflector (with a little texturing). Modeled Voyager's escape pods. Re-did the escape pods hatches. Started work on the Aeroshuttle. Re-did the fonts for the ships insignia and added star fleet pin striping to the hull and nacelles. Lastly, in general, added a lot of small details around Voyager's main hull.

    Side questions. Does anyone have any good reference images for Voyagers warp core (the full view of it)? Looking at the studio model of Voyager, would you guys say Voyager has a slight blue tint to it?



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  • FreakFreak943 Posts: 4,099Member
    Dam, that a lot details. This has to be one of the best fan made models I have seen.

    Are you going to make the reg flush with the ship hull?
    At the moment is looks like it just hovering over it.
  • ashleytingerashleytinger539 Central OhioPosts: 581Member
    Oh wow, that's really nice work.

    All of the TNG era ship models were blue-ish in tint because of the camera techniques they were using to film the models. That blue tint would appear grey on screen.
  • Hunter GHunter G230 Posts: 343Member
    Thanks for the wireframe! I've been on the fence with using Sub-D with how much I want control over the grids and such, but I think I might have to try it again
  • RidgeRidge47 Posts: 16Member
    edited July 1 #15
    Freak, Thank you! Good catch. Yeah, I have several distance issues with the model atm. I've been fixing them slowly (Easier to see them once rendered).


    Thanks for the info. So, Voyager's main hull color would be mostly gray then, and only looks blue-ish because of filming techniques used in the day. More like this color?


    Hunter G,

    How do you normally do paneling lines? I also make paneling lines using a combination of Blenders boolean and snapping tools. First laying out a pattern alone the surface of the mesh, snapping it to the models surface and then use the boolean tool to cut into the model (With no Sub-D applied). This way works well once you have the general shape down for the mesh of the model, but hard to edit later.
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  • DeksDeks187 Posts: 252Member
    That looks A LOT better... your mesh definitely looks better than the studio version right now.

    The 'USS VOYAGER' and 'NCC-74656' insignia on the main saucer (the big ones and others) however shouldn't be protruding as much from the hull... since you have them already matching the hull outline, just drop them further into the hull so they don't look as thick.

    Otherwise, I think you're ready for texturing (unless you think that the windows edges could use a bit of chamfering).
    I don't think Voyager's hull windows were fully rectangular... I think those 4 edges has a bit of a curvature to them - I'll post a bit of a close up to let you know what I mean).


    You are correct in saying that Voyager's hull textures are mainly gray... it turns a bit blueish due to choice of lighting, etc.
  • BrandenbergBrandenberg1215 CaliforniaPosts: 1,659Member
    Freak wrote: »
    Dam, that a lot details. This has to be one of the best fan made models I have seen.

    Damn yeah. B)
  • count23count23204 Posts: 622Member
    edited July 2 #18

    Here's the link to SFM's discord:

    you should be able to join it via the webpage if you dont install the application. IRML, mattc and viper are usually on with a _lot_ of experience texturing trek ships. IRML even has a Voyager he's done.
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    Formerly Nadesico.
  • RidgeRidge47 Posts: 16Member
    edited July 2 #19

    I recessed all insignia's much closer to the hull now, and added a chamfer to all the windows to the ship (Great catch btw! I didn't notice that detail).


    :) :) :) :)


    Thanks for the link! I'll take a look at discord tomorrow.
    Post edited by Ridge on
  • markmasseymarkmassey199 Posts: 300Member
    I think voyager is a beautiful ship... and you've made an awesome model..

    I know its too late for some constructive criticism (and who the hell do i think i am to give it right) But all id say is that i think you're main deflector area isn't quite right in terms of its shape and the bulge of the secondary hull just before the dish area is making it look like its too small, but it could be the shape of the dish?.. and the area where the saucer joining the secondary hull, the deck lines should still run straight and not bow with the curve of the hull they are just looking a little warped, i'm sure the cgi model is like that too, but on the studio model the phaser strips and those lines at the back are straight.. i hope you don't mind me saying that...


    I've attached some images of the studio model that i hope will help with texturing...

    Love what you've done so far.. i can't wait to see how you get on with texturing...

  • Adam WarnockAdam Warnock44 Posts: 71Member
    All I have to say is that you've done a fantastic job. Can't wait to see how you texture it.
  • P5ych0p4thP5ych0p4th438 GermanyPosts: 308Member
    That is one beautiful model. Probably better than the original CG Model, once you‘re done with it. Goes to show how far Computers and 3D Software has come. Especially free software in this case
  • RidgeRidge47 Posts: 16Member

    Your good, I welcome the feedback (I asked for constructive criticism). Thank you for the references and I'll work on fixing those deck lines!

    Adam Warnock,

    Thank you!


    Your right, it's amazing how far computing power and 3D software has come over the years. It's crazy to think the effects of Voyager was done at a time when the Pentium II processor was in desktop computers!

    A little background on this project. The inspiration for this project started along time ago, after receiving a physical model of Voyager from my parents that they got from a local hobby shop (See pic's of the old girl below). I used that model as a reference to initially model the base of the ship. After sometime, my modeling skills improved and I began noticing inconsistencies between my model and the studio version. So, I naturally started trying to bring the model more inline with the studio model. The problem is the base mesh is based on that old physical model and would take a good bit of work to fix.

    Personally, I like the look of the deflector area as it is. For some reason, I like the more rounded look of the deflector area compared to the studio version (I might scale up the deflector some though). With that said, once the model is completed, I'm considering releasing it to the public (If you guys are interested). My question is this, should I go ahead and remodel main deflector area or would you guys be okay with how it looks now? If I do, I would have to remodel the deflector area and some of the hull, because the model geometry is to dense to adjust at this point (Seen pic below).

    Anyways, thoughts opinions?


  • scifiericscifieric681 Posts: 1,143Member
    This is beautiful work!
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801488 Posts: 9,714Member
    edited July 3 #25
    I think it's your model and if you're happy with the deflector area, you should leave it as is. At the end of the day, you're the only one you need to please with your work.

    Personally, I think it looks fine as it is. The rounded corners match the overall rounded look of the rest of the model better than the squared "cut off" edges on the studio model, in my opinion.
    Post edited by evil_genius_180 on
  • markmasseymarkmassey199 Posts: 300Member
    Hay man, i'm currently building the same model by the looks of it... i used to have a tone of star trek and star wars scale models hanging from my ceiling when i was a kid... and for some reason threw them away..... gutted now because you can't get them any more.. But saw Voyager in hobbycraft a couple of years ago and snapped up 2 haha..

    I'm worried now that my comments may have seemed a bit out of place, i mean you've finished your model (and like i said she looks beautiful) so me coming along and saying eerrrr i think this is wrong.. was a little out of line.. and i should have just left it at looks amazing... :) It was meant to be constructive.. but at this stage i dont think it was...

    Please dont feel the need to go back and change anything because of what i said... Like evil said it's your model, and if you're happy with it thats all that matters... and you've built a sweet looking model :)

    Can't wait to see your texture work.

  • Vortex5972Vortex5972161 Posts: 1,041Member
    I definitely prefer the look of your deflector over the rather flat studio model. Only issue I really see is that the torpedo launchers seem to point straight into the lower deck of the saucer. If you were looking to personalise the model a bit more, putting the launchers underneath the deflector similar to the Ent-E would fix that.

    What ever you do, this is definitely one of the best Voyager models I've seen.
  • Adam WarnockAdam Warnock44 Posts: 71Member
    I think she looks fine as is. As others have said, this is for your enjoyment. We're just along for the ride.
  • fluxfirefluxfire178 Posts: 598Member
    I wasn't a fan of the intrepid class when it was introduced, however, it has grown on me and the working you have done here is spectacular. She is ready for texture work the modeling is spot on.

    Looking forward to seeing more.
  • RidgeRidge47 Posts: 16Member
    Sorry guys for not getting back to this. It was a busy week. I haven't made enough progress to post a update yet, but I'm slowly learning how to go about texturing this ship.

    Scifieric. Thank you!

    Evil_genius_180. Your right and thank you for your feed back!

    Markmassey, your comment wasn't out of line in anyway. I welcome the constructive feed back (I asked for it). It just made me realize that there are a few things I might not be able to fix easily at this point. Also, that the ship might not me 100% studio accurate in the end. Which I'm okay with. Keep the feedback coming!

    Adam Warnock. Yeah, I just like to please people lol.

    Fluxfire. Slowly working on learning the right way to texture this ship lol.

    Question, do you guys know of any references that shows the Aztecing on Voyagers hull? I'm having a hard time finding a clear reference.
  • ashleytingerashleytinger539 Central OhioPosts: 581Member
    I don't remember Voyager or the Enterprise E having any Aztec panel patterns to them on their models but I could very well be wrong.
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