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3DStar Trek Doomsday Machine - Modernized

PixelMagicPixelMagic382 Posts: 647Member
edited June 8 in Finished Work #1
Made this Doomsday Machine for a personal project. The problem I had was making it be recognizeable as the Doomsday Machine, without looking kind of 60s cheesy. I hope I hit an ok balance here. Concept Art by Justin Banner.


And after it's wrecked havoc... Enterprise mesh by Alexander Klemm.


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  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801488 Posts: 9,714Member
    Looks good. It's a nice update to the design that is still faithful to the original.
  • FreakFreak943 Posts: 4,099Member
  • trekkitrekki361 Posts: 928Member
    Very beautiful
  • ashleytingerashleytinger539 Central OhioPosts: 581Member
    Very nice update to the original
  • PixelMagicPixelMagic382 Posts: 647Member
    As I begin layout of the Doomsday fleet battle, I need to figure out relative starship scales against the Doomsday machine. I started with the Enterprise-A (Alexander Klemm's).

    The soft canon size of the Doomsday machine is 2800 meters long. The Enterprise is 725 meters long.

    I may have to upscale the Doomsday Machine in the final shot to make it look more intimidating and impressive. I dunno.


  • rojrenrojren458 Louisville, Kentucky USAPosts: 1,559Member
    I would think it would need to be E-normous. If it's eating entire star systems for fuel - even if it's just the planet cores - that's a lot of fuel to take on and store. I always thought that it always sounded amazingly inefficient - fuel wise.
  • FreakFreak943 Posts: 4,099Member
    Given you gone with the JJprise which is about the same size as a Galaxy Class.
    I would say you have to increase the size of the Doomsday Machine.

    If I remember correctly Doomsday Machine "mouth" dwaft the original Connie.
  • japetusjapetus420 SeattlePosts: 861Member
    Sweet, the Doomsday Machine episode really creeped me out as a've give me some shivers again! Like your take on it. You should do "the pizza monster" next.
  • DeksDeks187 Posts: 252Member
    rojren wrote: »
    I would think it would need to be E-normous. If it's eating entire star systems for fuel - even if it's just the planet cores - that's a lot of fuel to take on and store. I always thought that it always sounded amazingly inefficient - fuel wise.

    However, when you think about the fact that a 23rd century constitution class managed to effectively shut down something that powerful by simply ramming into it (which would basically result in a massive M/AM explosion), it demonstrates that Trek ships are actually already VERY powerful.

    By the 24th century, you'd think the Federation would have studied the neutronium hull from the planet killer and managed to develop its own synthetic version and weapons capable of affecting it through simple automated R&D (which would probably find viable ways for Federation to do all that merely 10 years after its encounter with the Planet Killer).

    Speaking of the relative size of the Planet Killer... well, the thing doesn't need to be 'huge' to be highly destructive.
    Technical efficiency simply describes the process of doing more with less resources, until eventually you can do everything with nothing (think along the lines of converting pure energy into matter - which is what replicators on Federation ships in 24th century were described to do).

    Early Trek and early TNG especially emphasized technical efficiency, so it stands to reason that a Planet Killer even though quite big in relation toa Constitution class ship would technically have the ability to destroy a star system (especially since the Federation DOES have planet killer torpedoes in the 24th century which are what, 2m in length, but are obviously not willing to use them since they aren't into destroying planets or killing people mercilessly - heck, even the Klingons and Romulans would have those capabilities, but if you think about it, if they can establish BASES on planets, etc. they can expand their respective empires - that and planetary shields, etc. would protect against such potential threats).
    Plus, the Federation developed the Genesis device which was (again) roughly 2m in height... and that thing CREATED a planet from remnant matter of the Reliant and a Mutara class nebula.

    My point is that size isn't everything.
    However, if you go by concept art drawings, then yes, even if the nuTrek Enterprise is larger compared to the prime version, PixelMagic would have to scale up the Planet Killer to portray the appropriate sense of scale (similar to what is shown in forth concept art image of his first post).
  • publiusrpubliusr244 Posts: 1,229Member
    I’d like to see it eating itself— turning inside out
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