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3DEnterprise B update

japetusjapetus345 SeattlePosts: 841Member
Updating another old model, which has held up quite well, but again it was using MentalRay which is no longer supported in Max, which is fine. So I'm updating it to VRay. I'm also taking the time to merge and combine some materials and textures. There's probably 100 materials, not including the submaterials, and I would like to release this one day, but not until things are cleaned up to give someone else a little bit of hope of making it look right ;). Plus I've learned a lot in the last 9 years since i made it ;)


  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801347 Posts: 9,536Member
    That's a great looking model. :)
  • japetusjapetus345 SeattlePosts: 841Member
    ANyone have any advice for how they do their Star Trek hull shaders? I'm always wrestling with the fact that, you know, it was a spray painted model and not "metallic" like you would do in modern fx. What sorta reflection/glossiness settings do people use?
  • admiral hortonadmiral horton180 Posts: 102Member
    Please add phaser emitters on the ventral secondary hull and one bank above the shuttlebay
  • BrandenbergBrandenberg1075 CaliforniaPosts: 1,516Member
    Somewhat hard to find fault with that as is, but I'm sure you'll blow us away.
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