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Tiny Forum Updates: Sketchfab

GuerrillaGuerrilla781 HelsinkiPosts: 2,860Administrator
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Sketchfab is pretty neat, right? :) We've actually had some form of Sketchfab embed since the forum migration, but I just got around to adding a profile fields as well. So, if you have a Sketchfab profile, just add your username in the field (just the username, no need for the rest of the URL, similar to most other profile fields). I also re-sorted the profile fields, because they were in a weird order and were bugging me. :p

The embed is a little temperamental, since they changed the URL format slightly but basically, what you need is the embed URL so, hit the embedbutton and grab this bit:[long number]
and ignore the stuff after the slash following the long number, and it should embed fine. I'm looking for a better implementation, like a bbcode or something.
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