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AnimationWrath of Khan - Regula 1 - VFX Shot Recreation

PixelMagicPixelMagic382 Posts: 647Member
So here is my fully CG recreation of a Regula 1 shot from Wrath of Khan. My aim was to match the same vintage look as a 1982 VFX shot, not a modern one. I was seeing how close I could make a CG shot match miniature work.

To that end, I had to take into account a few considerations. Realistically, as the camera pans down at an angle, the starfield, nebula, and planet should parallax at the same rate.

However, back in 1982 when this shot was made, there was no camera tracking software. The starfield was an element shot through material with back lit holes poked in. The nebula was a cloud tank element, and the moon was a miniature. Because of all the elements being shot seperate, they don't all quite parallax together as they should. If you look really close you can tell, but it's not noticable while just watching a movie. This also happens a ton in the old Star Wars films.

I may come back later on and alter this shot to be a "modern" VFX shot just for comparison sake. Fun little day project! CG Regula model by David Metlesits.




  • trekkitrekki371 Posts: 942Member
    Nice, very well done.
  • TralfazTralfaz250 Posts: 783Member
    Agreed. That was really well done.
  • FreakFreak963 Posts: 4,148Member
    Looks great!
  • japetusjapetus515 SeattlePosts: 913Member
    Wow, I can barely tell which is the original! Only thing that catches my eye is the amount of specularity on the base, but that's not a bad thing. Awesome job! Are you gonna do more shots?
  • scifiericscifieric725 Posts: 1,182Member
    That is absolutely beautiful!
  • JasonAdankJasonAdank22 Posts: 11Member
    Thats perfection right there! Amazing job man, you should render it at 4k
    Feel free to visit my now archaic Renderosity Gallery.
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