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Artist: Paid3D Modeler needed $600 offer.

vividevolutionvividevolution171 CA. USAPosts: 26Member
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3D Modeler needed!

$600 or best offer.. by July 24th

Need to commission a build of an Aggressor class starship.

I need a model that is close to the original model (pictured below).
I pay through PayPal. I am an artist myself so I respect good work and I am willing to budget for good work!
So if anyone is interested, please PM me or reply to this thread. Thank you.








- Dspix
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  • vividevolutionvividevolution171 CA. USAPosts: 26Member
    Wanting the bottom to look more like a Sovereign class.
  • vividevolutionvividevolution171 CA. USAPosts: 26Member
    I've updated this thread with a dollar amount in hopes that it will temp you to do the job!
  • rojrenrojren1187 Louisville, Kentucky USAPosts: 1,710Member
    Nice ship. It it from something, or is is original?
  • vividevolutionvividevolution171 CA. USAPosts: 26Member
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    original. you interested in doin it?
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  • rojrenrojren1187 Louisville, Kentucky USAPosts: 1,710Member
    Sorry, that's outside my skill set.
  • ThePhxRisesThePhxRises22 Posts: 10Member
    What kind of detail level does the model need and what will it be used for? Do you need a raw high poly, a low poly with baked normals, or just a low poly? And are you looking for textures for it?
  • vividevolutionvividevolution171 CA. USAPosts: 26Member
    Well since I can already make meshes myself. I'm looking for something better than what I am able to make so yeah that will likely be something more detailed.
    The mesh will be used for my personal projects relating to the actual website the ship was inspired from.
    I am familiar with low poly so I am leaning towards high poly for a higher chance of high def.
    I would prefer it have textures because textures are an easy edit for myself should I need to in the future.
  • ThePhxRisesThePhxRises22 Posts: 10Member
    Okay so pre-rendered stuff. I can do a high poly with most of the details seen modeled in. Would you also need interiors modeled for it, or just the ship itself? Interiors aren't really my thing.

    And are you on a time limit, because it would likely take quite some time for me to finish something like this.
  • vividevolutionvividevolution171 CA. USAPosts: 26Member
    Yes. due to the fan fic comic book we are currently working on. We wanted the actual ship be be done by June 1st.
  • ThePhxRisesThePhxRises22 Posts: 10Member
    June 1st would almost certainly be doable.
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