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3DSA-32B 'Tsunami' Thunderbolt

metamothmetamoth200 Posts: 17Member
edited April 19 in Work in Progress #1
Thumbnail update 31/03/20


So, with the release of 2.8 I’ve been getting back into Blender and have been on and off very slowly working on this model when I have a few minutes for the last 6 months. Thought I’d finally post something if nothing else to give me the motivation to get this over the line.
It’s not intended to be a screen accurate model instead it’s my interpretation based it off the original draft sketches by Steve Berg that I found on B5scrolls ( a site I highly recommend for all things B5). As such I’m calling this the SA-32B ‘Tsunami’ Thunderbolt variant.


Eventually once this is done I might move on and give the Omega model I started some love....


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  • ashleytingerashleytinger640 Central OhioPosts: 616Member
    Yay! More B5 goodness!
  • P5ych0p4thP5ych0p4th439 GermanyPosts: 310Member
    Not the biggest B5 Fan but those do look sweet! 👌
  • FreakFreak963 Posts: 4,148Member
    very nice start.
    Always love the Earth fighter from B5.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801705 Posts: 9,856Member
    Yeah, it looks nice so far.
  • McCMcC214 Posts: 675Member
    Rock on! I was just thinking "Man, I wonder why so few people are doing modern updates/takes on B5 designs..."

    Good timing :grin:
  • metamothmetamoth200 Posts: 17Member
    edited March 30 #7
    McC wrote: »
    Rock on! I was just thinking "Man, I wonder why so few people are doing modern updates/takes on B5 designs..."

    Good timing :grin:

    If you're interested I found this while looking for references, someone got hold of the original files and re-rendered them in HD! Maybe its my nostalgia googles but I still think B5 has some some of the best cinematography when it comes to space scenes...

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    McCLizzy777Nathan Rubric
  • metamothmetamoth200 Posts: 17Member
    Small Update, as it's meant to work in atmosphere I'm looking into aerospike engines as inspiration .


    Just another view because why not.


    I was digging around my old folders I came arcoss a Warlock model I started (but didn't finish ) back in 2010, although it never really got the screen time it deserved I've always liked this ship

  • metamothmetamoth200 Posts: 17Member
    Been a while since the last update, I decided to completely rebuild the base mesh as I wanted to focus on my mesh flow but ended up getting a little obsessed. I still have to merge the lower wings and engines so you'll notice some bad topography round those area's. As a result it may look like a step backwards but I used this time to redesigned certain aspects of the design such as the main cockpit and engine 'inlets'. I'm trying to update the design without losing that 'B5' feel (whatever that means...)




    Did take a break to start on the main cannon though


    Lizzy777Nathan RubricFreakashleytingerkadensrspicerBolianAdmiraltricky2k
  • FreakFreak963 Posts: 4,148Member
    That main Cannon is looking great!
  • srspicersrspicer227 Posts: 170Member
    Definitely could be a perfect design for a B5 re-boot.
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