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3DNew Original Ship For The Cover Of My 4th Book

SeanPSeanP191 Posts: 248Member
I am almost finished writing my fourth book and I've also been working on the main character's new spaceship for the cover. I have the shape all hammered out so now I can start adding all the small detail, weapons, engines, landing gear ...etc.




  • BrandenbergBrandenberg1484 CaliforniaPosts: 1,850Member
    Plenty of room for engines back there. The design definitely looks promising.
  • P5ych0p4thP5ych0p4th441 GermanyPosts: 327Member
    Probably just temporary, but I do like the Color 😁
  • SeanPSeanP191 Posts: 248Member
    P5ych0p4th wrote: »
    Probably just temporary, but I do like the Color 😁

    LOL! Yes, the color is temporary. I model in a light green and then when the shape is done I change the color to purple.
  • SeanPSeanP191 Posts: 248Member
    Plenty of room for engines back there. The design definitely looks promising.

    Thanks Brandenberg! I have three types of engines to fit in back there so I need a lot of room. Jet engines for when it is in atmosphere, rocket thrusters / sub-light engines and then the FTL field emitters. Plus I will be putting in a bunch of greebles.
  • SeanPSeanP191 Posts: 248Member
    Blocked in the intakes for the in atmosphere jet engines today. Modeled them after the intakes on my favorite fighter the F-14 Tomcat.


  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801836 Posts: 9,995Member
    This is looking really nice so far.
  • FreakFreak1038 Posts: 4,288Member
    I don't know why but with those intakes, it screaming to me that the main hull and possibly wings need to be stetched out a little. A bit like the Concord.
  • BrandenbergBrandenberg1484 CaliforniaPosts: 1,850Member
    Great shot from the front.
  • SeanPSeanP191 Posts: 248Member
    A little more progress on the new ship. Still lots of detail to add and I need to decide on a color scheme. This is a private space ship, not a military ship, so I think I want to give it some color instead of military gray. To save myself some time I fit the sub-light thrusters from the battle carrier in the back. I'll make some changes to make them unique to this ship in a bit. Still need to ad the thrust cones for the jet engines and the FTL drive assembly - which I'm still brainstorming on. Anyone have suggestions on the color scheme?

  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801836 Posts: 9,995Member
    That's looking really nice so far, Sean.
    SeanP wrote: »
    Anyone have suggestions on the color scheme?

    Red, black and silver. Heavy on the red with black and silver used more for stripes and accents. Or maybe a two tone, with red on top and silver on bottom and black stripes and accents. (just a few thoughts)
  • FreakFreak1038 Posts: 4,288Member
    Looking Good. Loving the details I the back.

    As for a colour scheme, white is the traditional colour for a civilian craft.
    Now if you going to have it as a civilian company craft, you can go nuts.
    Look at how airlines do their paint scheme for inspiration.
  • GuerrillaGuerrilla508 HelsinkiPosts: 2,694Administrator
    Kaden's Warp Fighter looked delicious in orange and gray. Why not give that a shot? :)

    Or maybe some truly Fossian stuff with bright primary colors, and checkered patterns (think Homeworld).
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  • SeanPSeanP191 Posts: 248Member
    Thanks you guys!

    All of you have great color scheme suggestions.
    I'll have to see what I can come up with.
    Try a few of them.
  • BrandenbergBrandenberg1484 CaliforniaPosts: 1,850Member
    I think you should make it look good and used - like the Star Wars stuff. Unless your book is about a brand new ship. :)
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