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3DLIS Gemini XII

TralfazTralfaz212 Posts: 742Member
I've started a new project where I am working on the Gemini XII from the unaired pilot of Lost In Space. This test video was to test the static discharge tubes (Jacob's Ladder) and the blinking computer lights. Video is in 4:3 B&W format as would have been seen back in the 1960's.

Gemini XII Test

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  • scifiericscifieric548 Posts: 1,040Member
    My friend, that is ABSOLUTELY EXQUISITE! Well done!
  • BrandenbergBrandenberg804 CaliforniaPosts: 1,266Member
    Boy you are really mastering some animation. Great to see your stuff posted here. Clean ship, great detail. It will be fun to see this progress.
  • TralfazTralfaz212 Posts: 742Member
    Quick update: Comparisons between Gemini XII and Jupiter 2.



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  • AvianAvian154 Posts: 206Member
    edited January 19 #5
    I'm loving it Al! Good to see someone finally tackle the original G12! And I like the Black & White approach.

    So, from a modeling standpoint, what do you think about the G12 vs the J2 wall panels being of slightly differing proportions? I look back on my J2 and think I might have gotten them a bit wrong even though I tried to follow the original Fox Studio blueprints. I compare them with screenshots from the DVDs and mine are a bit off. Do you think the panels are pushed farther out from the center than they were in the G12?

    Maybe it has something to do with the non-symmetrical angular spacing of the 8 structural ribs vs the J2?
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  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801012 Posts: 9,119Member
    This is a really cool project. I love Lost in Space. :)
  • TralfazTralfaz212 Posts: 742Member
    Thanks everyone. The wider front window did making equal spacing between the ribs almost impossible. That and the floor being so much lower in the G12 then in the J2 also caused some adjustments to the height of the wall panels. I really think my G12 wall panels more look more accurate for dimensions then the J2. And yes, I pushed the wall panels out farther from the center of the ship due to the spacing of the ribs.
  • scifiericscifieric548 Posts: 1,040Member
    I love the side-by-side comparison! Well done!
  • trekkitrekki321 Posts: 862Member
    Hi Al,
    this is a realy nice mesh.
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