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Free: ModelsTOS Enterprise in E3D/OBJ Format (<100,000 tris)

MikeFinleyMusicMikeFinleyMusic76 Posts: 29Member

Hi everyone!
This is the first model I've released into the world - I know it's not the most highly detailed but I built it to render on slow and old computers, like my poor old thing. It's such a beautiful ship and I had a great time making it. I built it in Blender and it's been designed to work in Video CoPilot's Element 3D. I've included the E3D file, as well as the OBJ file, and all the textures, so you should be able to open it in any 3D package.

The bussards are on separate aux channels, so their rotations can be keyframed. I haven't found a way of animating the running lights so if anyone has any tips please do let me know.

I'm a little nervous about releasing my first model, so please do let me know if you have any comments, concerns, criticisms etc. As I say, I know it's very low-poly so won't stand up to close ups but for animations it runs incredibly smoothly.


  • lewisnivenlewisniven1122 UKPosts: 257Member
    edited February 3 #2
    Looks good tbh, you've clearly got a handle on modelling. Not every model needs to be a 10 million poly masterpiece either, you'd be surprised how ropey a lot of the production trek meshes are, you can get away with a lot once it's moving on screen!
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