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trekkitrekki346 Posts: 903Member
Inspired by Nightfevers "Among the ruins".
Crashed 1701-D. Objects 1701-D and Runaboad are from Nightfever. I don't know the shuttle anymore.

Happy New Year



  • FreakFreak803 Posts: 3,988Member
    Happy New year to you Trekki.

    it a good Picture, the only complaint I have is the scale of the people. They are way to big.
    some of the rubble comes off that way as well.
  • trekkitrekki346 Posts: 903Member
    OK, I didn't measure that.
  • trekkitrekki346 Posts: 903Member
    so, rendered again.
    I made people smaller (adapted)
  • FreakFreak803 Posts: 3,988Member
    No need to be sorry.

    With the people resized it looks much better.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801302 Posts: 9,485Member
    edited January 1 #6
    Boy, the Enterprise-D just has no luck.

    I like what you did here, the concept is very nice. The only thing I'd say that could really improve it is a gouge in the ground behind the saucer, like we saw in Generations when the saucer crashed. But, otherwise, it's a really nicely done scene. I agree that the resized people adds to the realism.
    Post edited by evil_genius_180 on
  • trekkitrekki346 Posts: 903Member
    Thank you,
    let's see how I can implement this with the "hole", I also had the idea.

    Happy New Year everyone
  • ViperViper922 Posts: 588Administrator
    I like the idea, but I think there are a few things that need work:
    • The lighting looks very flat. There aren't many shadows either which has to do with the angle of the light. I would change it to make it look a bit more dramatic. You also seem to have a orange hue to everything. I'm guessing it's a sunset/sunrise situation? If so, the sun should lower on the horizon. That'll help with the shadows and flatness.
    • The scale of the environment looks off. It looks like a toy right now. The ground dirt grain is too large of the scene. And the rubble needs some textures to sell the scale as well.
    • The shuttles look pasted on. I would have them landed on the saucer and maybe one hovering a bit above so you can have some shadows to ground them in the scene better.
    • A lot of this might work if you change the camera angle as well. I realize this might entail a lot more work though. But if you work on the above things, it should be a huge improvement.
  • trekkitrekki346 Posts: 903Member
    Well, then I'll get to work :p
  • DeksDeks186 Posts: 246Member
    I think you have a good one here.
    It could certainly do with more work as Viper suggested though.

  • BolianAdmiralBolianAdmiral311 Torrance, CaliforniaPosts: 1,750Member
    I always love seeing the Type 17 shuttle. :)
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