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3ds Max 2017 corrupting files upon trying to open them?

Hey guys, I have 3ds Max 2017 and I was working up until a few months ago on a few 3ds Max files on my Acer Helios 500 ryzen/vega laptop.
Due to a failed BIOS flash, the machine became inoperable, the repair teams were unable to reflash it, so they ordered a new mobo (which never arrived) and due to their 'repairs' taking too long to complete, I was issued a refund... and of course, because that laptop no longer sells in UK, I couldn't get a replacement (and I don't want an Intel/NV laptop - most others in that price range are poor in quality/performance, etc.).

Anyway, I got a Dell Lattitude E5420 laptop which I upgraded a bit and am using as a temporary replacement until I can buy a new laptop.

Trouble is, I cannot open almost any 3ds Max scenes on this laptop (probably because of the iGP).
Max always comes up with an error upon opening a file (any older file - even if it was re-saved with same Max 2017), and merging the file doesn't help, the result is the same.
It's as if Max continuously CORRUPTS that file I tried opening for no good reason (even though it opened fine on my Helios 500).

So, why is this happening?
I cannot access most of my meshes as I'm afraid I'll end up losing them (in a stream of unrecoverable files).

If I try to open a 3d studio Max file with this laptop... it fails with an error message and the file is corrupted as a result.
Why does a file become a corrupted after trying to simply open it?

I've already lost a few things because of this nonsense... and I'm afraid of trying to open or merging any other files.
I cannot access them, I cannot use them, I cannot work with them, and I have college stuff to do.


  • rojrenrojren2147 Louisville, Kentucky USAPosts: 1,938Member
    Generic questions: What errors messages are showing up? Have you visited the Autodesk forums or knowledgebases? (Taking a quick look, I see a document from 2014 called 'Handling File Corruptions') link
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish9222 Posts: 5,238Member
    edited November 2019 #3
    Not seen this I do know much of anything 3d has issues when using AMD. I have had no lenghs of issues so far with a AMD gpu. That includes having to deal with fail 2017.

    I cannot see how hdw should have an effect on the files but it has me concerned as I have myself tainted quite a few files since the whole AMD fiasco. having to use 2017 as the amd card fucks up 2013.

    Anyhow back to files I have had no issues opening my max files in 2019 as it is another version I have installed atm. I cannot though test 2013 as it falls out of 2017s range of save.

    Another thing is to ask are you saving raw or using gzip/zip to compress the files? I had quit using the compression as I have had issues with corruption not to mention the lag any time max does an autosave.

    2017 did you have the same patches applied to 2017 as were on the old system?

    Another issue I have run across is addons plugs etc can create issues with files. So did you run or have anything like that installed that might not be there now?

    Things to try
    • patching the install with various levels of patched. EG sp1 only vs sp2 etc.
    • load with a different viewport driver
    • "AHEM" a 2018 or 19 version of max and reverse save to 2016.
    • Try blender and export a fbx.

    I can offer to try opening a file for you to see if it is just that DELL or a file issue. If that works we could do a I open and save and resend it.

    I have to say 2017 has been one headache after another. Things like terrible backface cull poor choice in colors (backface again, using the same or one close to the same as the backdrop gray) to crappy edge face bugs on various objects that force you to collapse it to editable mesh then return to editable poly to avoid having edged faces only display the outer edges. or having objects you cannot select to edges verts of polies you cannot select. Not to mention all the disaster that is how everything is displayed. I have files with lights etc in and often the mesh will randomly all go black.

    Found loads of posts on the knowledge base but trick is finding a related post in there with a REAL solution other than a "oh I logged this as an issue" and nothing more.

    more I read and see others issues the more I might just AHEM 2016, or do the worst thing buy a used copy off some shady guy on ebay.
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    Each day we draw closer to the end.
  • ViperViper1675 Posts: 716Administrator
    What is it with you guys and 3ds max 2017? :tongue: It was a really bad version. Full of bugs and weird things. I highly encourage getting a copy of 2018 or 2020.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish9222 Posts: 5,238Member
    2018 2020 lack mental ray which many of us have invested in heavily. Only solution is to revert to 2016 which some of us cannot do/afford or source.

    Truth be MR in 2017 is crap in of itself. Only reason I am stuck with it is I have work that REQ mr atm and stupid AMD has issues with older ver of max as max is not made for use with anything amd.
    Each day we draw closer to the end.
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