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Animation13-year science fiction film

CodyVibbsCodyVibbs2 Posts: 1New Member

I've been working on an original sci-fi animated feature film over 12 - 13 years and it's finally wrapped. You can see the trailer for the film here:

This was definitely a passion project. I wouldn't have spent 13 years working on this otherwise. I was having so much fun making it that I just couldn't stop. This is intended to be a trilogy. I'm hoping to get more help with the sequels so they can be completed on a faster timeline.

I'm open to feedback on any aspect of the trailer. I know it's not for everyone and the animation is outdated and poor. However, I feel the story is more important than producing a Pixar quality film. It's just me working on this movie with a standard home computer. It's not just my lack of computing power but I'm also not a professional 3D animator. This was just the only medium I could tell this story through because I didn't have $200 million to make a live action version ;) After 13 years, the film will finally release in December 2019 (if film festivals don't accept it).

All feedback is welcome.

You can see more about the film at

Thank you!



  • ViperViper1675 Posts: 716Administrator
    Hello sir. Welcome :) I saw this yesterday and meant to comment, but just too busy. Anyway, I have a few comments and suggestions. As far as story goes, it seems like a your usual setup, hard to say without watching the whole thing. There were some interesting bits in the trailer and I liked the general writing. Some of the voice over was really well done, a few others not so much, but I'm guessing it's mostly you and friends/family so understandable.

    On the CG side of things, I can't imagine how much work it would be to put a full movie together by yourself so kudos on that. That said, yeah, the general work looks outdated. For future films that are things that you can do and use that would be a vast improvement. First of all, look into using a realtime renderer so you don't have to spend a ton of time rendering. Something like Unreal or Unity would improve the quality a lot and give you faster render times. Both free.

    I would also look into using updated assets next time. Daz is free and has good assets for cheap. I guess latest versions of Poser would also work, but I generally think the Daz stuff is better quality.

    Apart from that, I won't go into specifics as there's a lot to comment and I'm sure you are aware of the issues. In general though, models and lighting need work, as well as textures.

    Hope you stick around :)
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