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Artist: UnpaidTexture Artist for Star Wars film

Section33Section33171 Posts: 1Member
Looking for folks who wanna help out doing some VFX on our Star Wars short. Working with our VFX supervisor who's credits inc 'The Expanse'.
Need a Texture artist who knows how to UV in Max for the main ship. It's already been modelled as you can see.

Also need some more Animators for a space chase

See a teaser for the project here:

Also need some general roto and comp work for cockpit shots inside the ship. And some upcoming blaster fight scenes. Its a very cool project!

DM on here or email me at
[email protected]

Here's a preview of the built ship model built by ECHenry in Max


  • BrandenbergBrandenberg1206 CaliforniaPosts: 1,648Member
    Very cool. That looks amazing. How fun for you. Unfortunately I no nothing about Max but what a project.
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